Evaluate different wearable application development boards and prototype boards

“The open-source Arduino concept has proven to be a huge success among hobbyists and makers. The concept has also been embraced by professional designers for early development and prototyping, and… Read more

BAT and Huawei enter the market, the next “battle” of high-precision maps is

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Dalian Daquanding Group launched a Bluetooth headset solution based on Qualcomm products

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Under the epidemic, the hard core strength behind the infrared thermal imaging thermometer

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Summary of major cybersecurity events in 2020: Everyone is an insider!

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Analog Devices’ Integrated Isolated RS485 + Isolated Power Transceiver Helps Reduce Design Time

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X Industrial Fulian joins hands with CITIC and China Resources to set up a joint venture to build a leading industrial Internet platform

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A PCB circuit diagram contains so many great truths

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Realization of gesture recognition on resistive touch screen using AD7879

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Microsoft to launch dual-screen phone with Snapdragon 855

In October last year, Microsoft announced that it was developing a dual-screen Android phone Surface Duo, but there has not been much news since then. A few days ago, Microsoft… Read more

Strong storage demand, Kioxia will add a new NAND Flash production line in Japan

According to Reuters, Kioxia said on Thursday (October 29) that it will build a new NAND memory chip production line in central Japan to meet the growing demand for data… Read more

How does ZL6205 solve the slow power failure caused by energy storage capacitors?

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55W fast charging performance flagship iQOO 3 battery life charging test

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About the ZCD (Zero Current Detect) pin for MOSFET drain drive

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The first anniversary of the commercial use of South Korea’s 5G network, the number of users exceeded 5.36 million

On April 3, South Korea ushered in the first anniversary of the commercial use of 5G networks. On April 3 last year, Korea Telecom, SK Telecom and LGU+ companies all… Read more