Cook: Apple to achieve carbon neutrality across its supply chain and product use by 2030

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Developed by the University of Tokyo and Sony: a sensor that can outperform lip-reading

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Application of Siemens SITOP Power Supply in Tobacco Machinery

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Top news roundup: Android phone time suddenly slows by more than 10 minutes: the reason is unknown

The merger of Huya and Douyu officially announced that the new company will have a joint CEO controlled by Tencent On the evening of October 12, Huya and Douyu jointly… Read more

Is it still “poor” for the ten trillion-level smart car market to take off?Academician: It is very important to improve the “endogenous safety” of automobiles

The first batch of 200 Beta experience versions of Zhiji L7 were officially delivered offline As a strategic pillar industry of the national economy, automobiles are undergoing the transformation of… Read more

Application design of real-time image processing system based on OMAP5910 dual-core processor

“The notable feature of real-time image processing system is the large amount of data. Effective processing and transmission of image data is the key to realizing real-time image processing system.… Read more

CCID Think Tank: Star Chain Internet has opened up a new field of communication interconnection

Conquering the vast starry sky has always been a lofty dream of mankind. In 2015, SpaceX, a subsidiary of Musk, released the Starlink-Starlink plan for the first time. The plan… Read more

Honda extends shutdown of some North American plants by a week due to chip shortage

SAN FRANCISCO, March 25 (Reuters) – Honda Motor Co said last week that most of its five auto plants in the U.S. and Canada will be closed from 2021 due… Read more

“If you hit this car, you will pay NT$3 billion!” It will also affect TSMC’s production progress!

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Molex simplifies complex machinery operations with smart solutions

“Dedicated computing equipment acts as the brain, the frame of the mechanical equipment forms the skeleton, and the machine’s motors, conveyors, and robots can be thought of as muscles responsible… Read more

Stryker uses imaging robotics to advance medical treatment

Stryker plans to acquire sister companies Mobius Imaging and Cardan Robotics for $370 million in up-front cash, the company announced Wednesday. An additional $130 million is available upon completion of… Read more

New energy vehicle electronics topic: Coordinate policies and measures to speed up the development of new energy vehicles to maintain continuous, stable and effective connection

[EV Vision Report]During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, it is very important to promote the upward development of the automobile industry. The formulation of policies in the new era will… Read more

Multi-sensor fusion and attitude calculation of UAV navigation system

“In the field of drones, DJI has always been in the first queue, with various consumer drones emerging one after another, last year’s popular Mavic Air2, this year’s FJIFPV and… Read more

ON Semiconductor’s intelligent sensing technology and solutions help industrial automation innovation

【Introduction】Intelligent perception is one of the key technologies to enable industrial automation such as machine vision, robotics, scanning and inspection. Onsemi has more than 40 years of rich experience in… Read more

Getting started with evaluation modules and software tools for dynamic ground projection

[Guide]In recent years, with the addition of sign projectors, ground projections around vehicles have made considerable progress. Automakers have used logo projection to help car owners customize their cars, while… Read more