Zhongshou Heavy Industry and Mining Loader with exhaust gas filtered twice makes the working environment better

The mining, transportation and other equipment part of the mining and transportation production and operation of the mine loader in the metal mine is the diesel engine power system, and its exhaust gas brings many harms to the staff and machinery and equipment. 20 Mine forklifts analyze the fine particles in the exhaust gas of diesel engines and have exhaust purification equipment 20 Mine forklifts combined with previous research results 20 Mine forklifts proposed the use of controllable circulation ventilation methods to solve insufficient ventilation, and exhaust purification equipment is loaded The engine adopts exhaust ejector to lead the exhaust gas of diesel engine to the single-head roadway. The 20 mine forklift adopts comprehensive effective measures to purify diesel engine exhaust particles in the underground environment by using Venturi to remove the cabinet. As a professional mining loader manufacturer, it has been engaged in the production and sales of mining loader for many years. As a professional mining loader manufacturer, today I will learn about the usefulness of mining loader in highway engineering.
Mine and tunnel loaders are based on the company’s wheel loaders, using motors and inverters instead of traditional diesel engines, without any tail gas pollution, and are specially used for shoveling operations in underground (mine) products; the height of the whole machine Low, the unloading height is less than 2 meters; the electrical system has large capacity, start-up, and sufficient lighting. It is an efficient, economic, safe, and reliable next-generation product; its performance indicators meet or exceed national and industry standards.
In the production operations of tunnels and mining loaders, the moving parts of mechanical equipment are the most dangerous parts, especially those moving parts that are easily accessible to the operation; in addition, the processing areas of mechanical processing equipment are also dangerous parts. The most common dangerous parts are rotating shafts, relatively rotating parts, belts and pulleys, chains and sprocket wheels, rotating grinding wheels, pressing plates when close to the movable plate and fixed plate, reciprocating punching tools, belt cutting tools, turbines And the worm, tell the surface of the rotating moving parts, the weight between the link rod and the connecting link, the rotating crank and the crankshaft, the rotating props, the dwelling, the rotation and the protrusions on the part, the rotating mixer, the mixing fin, Majianjiao and other mine loader processing areas. The steering valve of Zhongshou Heavy Industries 920 small forklift leaked oil due to a crack in the shell. Since the shell material is cast iron, repairing the cracks with glue and heating and heat preservation electric welding failed to solve the problem of oil leakage. Because the machine adopts the integrated structure of the steering gear and the steering valve, that is, the steering valve is directly installed at the lower end of the steering gear, so it was decided to replace the steering gear and steering valve assembly with new ones.
Ningjin Jinhong Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of mining loaders. The products are of high quality, low price and durable. It is the choice of our customers. The suitable matching of the roadway loader and the torque converter not only meets the good traction and shoveling performance , And has a lower fuel consumption rate. It is suitable for shoveling and short-distance transportation of sand, stone, coal, mine, road materials and other bulk materials in mines, basements, factories, roads, etc. It can also be used for light shoveling operations, which is a kind of adaptability and efficiency. High loading and unloading machinery. Zhongshou Heavy Industry Mining Loader, narrow body, small turning radius, with water filter, flexible operation. Mine** loader configuration: Yuchai engine, power up to 85KW, power shift transmission. The unloading height is 1.8 meters, the tire is 15/70-18.1.7 meters wide, and the boom is 30# thick. Five-hole hydraulic steering gear.Dimensions: 5.35m*1.8m*1.85m
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