ZD6-D electric switch gear reducer for railway

The advantage of the ZD6-D electric switch gear reducer for railways is to use the displacement sensor to monitor the displacement of the gap in real time, and obtain the corresponding data, which is helpful for the maintenance personnel on the spot to grasp the current gap status. By checking the historical data records of the gap, you can The law of change of the gap is obtained, which provides an important basis for the maintenance of public works and electrical services. The displacement body of the ZD6-D railway electric switch gear reducer in the housing includes a sliding part and an intermediate displacement component.

The slave uses a single-chip microcomputer, and the sensor uses a Hall integrated circuit sensor. The ZD6 series electric point machine is one of the most used point machines at present. Its purpose is to change the opening direction of the turnout, lock the turnout, and reflect the position of the turnout. ZD6 series electric switch machines are widely used in national railways, urban rail transit, local railways, and have been exported to Mongolia, Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria and other countries.

The external gear reducer has simple structure, easy manufacturing process, stable and reliable performance, convenient daily maintenance, and is not prone to failure. ZD6 series electric switch machine is suitable for ordinary single-opening switch and compound switch with speed below 120km/h. According to the protection mode of the switch, it can be divided into two types: squeezable and non-squeezable; according to the locking method of the switch, it can be used. Divided into single lock and double lock. It can pull the switch with a single machine, or realize the double-machine pull switch with the mutual matching of different types of switch machines in the series, so as to meet the needs of different switches.

ZD6 series electric switch machine specifications and technical parameters

●Model: ZD6-A 165/250, ZD6-D 165/350, ZD6-E 190/600, ZD6-F 130/450, ZD6-G 165/600, ZD6-H 165/350, ZD6-J 165/ 600, ZD6-K 190/350
●Rated voltage: DC 160V
●Working current: ≤2.0 A
Note: See product description for other technical parameters

Dimensions of ZD6 Series Electric Point Machine

1. Foot mounting hole: 610mm×360mm
2. Dimensions: 1100mm×725mm×258mm

ZD6-D railway electric switch gear reducer railway switch switch locking rod stress-sensitized fiber grating dynamic monitoring method and device. The ZD6-D railway electric switch gear reducer will cause damage to the car and threaten the lives of passengers. The output shaft is covered with an elastic collar, a grooved baffle, a baffle and a first retaining ring; the elastic collar and The grooved baffle is located between the pawl and the star wheel; the elastic collar and the grooved baffle are in close contact, and the grooved baffle is in close contact with the star; the baffle and the first retaining ring are located Between the star wheel and the bearing connecting the output shaft and the outer ring, the baffle plate and the first baffle ring are in close contact, and the baffle plate is in close contact with the star wheel.

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