XYD-130 rubber crawler drilling rig 130 meters equipped with high-pressure outrigger water well drilling rig

The pioneer of the source of life of the “drilling rig”, the pathfinder of mankind’s advancement; exploring the secrets of the unknown world underground!

Shandong Jujiang Group Co., Ltd. supplies various types of drilling rigs, which are suitable for exploration and sampling of different depths and topography, drilling wells and other projects

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one,Advantages of XYD-130 crawler water well drilling rig
1. The drilling rig adopts an automatic telescopic drilling tower, supported by two high-strength oil cylinders, and a set of hydraulic valves control the drilling tower lying on its back, which saves time in operation.

It is labor-saving, safe and reliable, and maximizes the benefits for users.
2. The chassis adopts rubber crawler, which is lighter in weight and lower in life cycle cost. It can reduce the noise of the vehicle’s running mechanism, reduce the vibration of the vehicle body, and greatly reduce the fuel consumption. It can walk on urban roads without hurting the road surface.
3. The chassis comes with four high-strength threaded legs (or hydraulic high legs) for quick and convenient installation and adjustment. They can be used for leveling the working plane. The loading and unloading truck can reduce the cost of hoisting and improve efficiency. It can be used as an auxiliary support during work.
4. Adopting 48V electric start diesel engine, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator, especially in cold seasons, when the diesel engine is difficult to start, it shows great advantages.

two,Technical parameters of XYD-130 crawler water well drilling rig

Machine parameters

Drilling depth


Maximum opening diameter


Final hole diameter


Drill pipe diameter


Drilling angle


Rig weight


Vertical axis

Vertical shaft speed

142 285 570r/min

Vertical axis stroke



Maximum lifting weight of single rope


Single rope lifting speed

0.41 0.82 1.64m/s

Reel diameter


Wire rope diameter


Wire rope capacity


Mud pump


Horizontal single cylinder double acting

Displacement with diesel engine/motor

95 77L/min

greatest pressure


Work pressure


Inlet pipe diameter


Outlet pipe diameter


Triangle belt


Supply by Shandong Jujiang Machinery Group Co., Ltd.Hydraulic rotary water well drilling rig, the main models are:HZ-130Y, HZ-130YY,XYX-130,XYD-130,HZ-200Y, HZ-200YY,XYX-200,XYD-200,XYC-200A,XYC-200.

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