Wide range of uses of composite springs

As Xinxiang people, you are no stranger to composite springs. As Xinxiang’s major enterprise, composite springs are the ratio of the pressure change to the displacement change within a certain range of displacement. The measurement of static stiffness must be measured within a certain displacement range, and the static stiffness values ​​measured for different displacement ranges are different. The main criterion to check whether the composite spring is the rigidity of the composite spring is sufficient.

So what is the stiffness of the composite spring? In fact, the stiffness of the composite spring refers to the ratio of the pressure change to the displacement change of the rubber damping pad within a certain displacement range and a certain frequency. The determination of dynamic stiffness must be determined within a certain displacement range and a certain frequency. The dynamic stiffness values ​​measured under different displacement ranges and different frequencies are different. The most important thing is the ratio of the stiffness of the composite spring to the static stiffness within a certain range.

The advantages of composite springs are very prominent. The main points are as follows: The first point is that the same rubber spring can withstand multi-directional coincidence at the same time, so the structure of the machine can be greatly simplified; the second point is that the elastic modulus is small and can be larger. The elastic deformation is easy to realize the ideal nonlinear characteristics; the third point is that the rubber spring with the same structure and size can be changed to obtain different stiffness by changing the hardness of the rubber; this is only part of the advantages of the composite spring, and more advantages In the future, it will come slowly, please pay attention to the future development of the composite spring in time.

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