What is the market prospect of investing in aerated concrete production lines?

The rapid development of the construction industry in recent years has driven the development of the building materials industry. As aerated blocks are the main building materials, more and more users invest in aerated concrete production lines, and the market prospects are obvious. Aerated blocks are mainly used for filling in high-rise buildings. A large number of buildings such as urban-rural integration, affordable housing and affordable housing need to be constructed. There is a great demand for aerated blocks, which has also driven the market for construction materials. Discerning new customers have come to our company to inspect the aerated concrete production line to understand the specific investment process and investment funds. There are also some owners of red brick factories who have also taken a fancy to this market. In addition, the country is vigorously banning the production and use of red bricks. Brick factories have transformed into energy-saving and environmentally-friendly building materials.

Aerated block is a new type of lightweight thermal insulation building material made of siliceous materials (lime and cement) through batching, gas expansion, cutting and curing processes. It has been produced in my country for more than 60 years. Application history, due to its light weight and good thermal insulation properties, it has been widely used in industrial and civil buildings. It is currently the most mature new material in production technology and application technology. The production process of aerated block is as follows:

1. Raw material processing (or lime-sand) storage and processing: (1) fly ash (or lime-sand), gypsum (2) quicklime (3) cement (4) aluminum powder (5) leftover materials, waste materials, 2. ingredients, mixing , Pouring 3, cutting, marshalling 4, autoclaved and finished products 5, side plate return, group mold oiling

Investing in aerated concrete production lines must be cautious. In the early stage, we must investigate the market more to understand the market demand. Go to the equipment manufacturer for on-site inspections. The specific equipment quality, investment planning and after-sales service are very important. Good equipment produces good products. Baixin, trustworthy!

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