What are the precautions for the use of the ball guide sleeve?

The ball guide sleeve can perform linear motion and rotary motion. Although its structure is small and light, it can withstand larger loads.Although the stroke in the direction of linear motionCanSufferHinder, But it can beveryIt runs with small frictional resistance, and can smoothly perform rotary and linear compound motions, and can be conveniently used in various equipment.So what are the precautions when using the ball guide bushing?

Precautions for using the ball guide sleeve:

1, The ball guide sleeve is only coated with anti-rust oil when leaving the factory and cannot provide lubrication. It is recommended to clean before use, and apply grease after drying. When applying grease, apply grease inside,OfI’ll add it later.

2, When a foreign body enters the ball guide sleeve, the accuracy or life may be reduced.The seal can exert its performance under normal use conditions, but in the use environmentveryIn harsh places, it cannot be completely guaranteed that foreign objects will not be mixed in. When used in harsh environments, it is recommended to use guide posts and guide sleeves.

3,Pay attentionexist-20℃~100°CUse within the scope. Exceeding the scope of application will shorten the service life.

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