What are the components of the raw water pretreatment system of the reverse osmosis system?

Pure water equipment—that is, equipment for producing pure water. And purified water is widely used by us: life drinking, chemical industry, medical treatment, breeding, planting, food, beverage, etc. The following will give you a brief introduction. The components of the composition and the process of producing pure water. Hope to provide some help for everyone to understand this industry.Dalian water treatment equipment Dalian pure water treatment equipment, Dalian reverse osmosis water treatment equipment


The reverse osmosis system is the core component of the entire pure water system, and only through reverse osmosis can the standard of pure water be reached. The reverse osmosis system mainly adopts membrane filtration process. The water molecules can then pass through the reverse osmosis membrane. Other plasmas such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium are discharged together with the wastewater. The following components of the system.

1. Precision filter

This filter mainly filters large particles in water.

2. Special high pressure pump

Generally, the high-pressure pump we use here is the southern special pump. Provide strong power for reverse osmosis equipment.

3. Reverse osmosis membrane

The reverse osmosis membrane uses membrane filtration technology. Let water molecules pass through some other ions and cannot pass through to achieve the purpose of purifying water.

Raw water pretreatment system

As the backing of purified water production is very important. Therefore, to produce pure water, it is necessary to choose a place with better raw water quality. Such as mountain springs, deep wells, etc. A very important index involved here is “conductivity”. Generally speaking, the lower the conductivity. The purer the water. The water treatment processes currently used are all reverse osmosis systems. The treated water can generally reach a salt rejection rate of 90% to 99%. Let me introduce the components of this system.

1. Raw water pump

The raw water pump provides the raw water pressure for the raw water pretreatment system. If the raw water is under pressure, this equipment can be completely eliminated. Generally require raw water pressure>=0.3MP

2. Original water tank

The role of the raw water tank is simpler, and it is used for storing raw water. This is for fear of making a transit in case the raw water is not available.

3. Quartz sand filter

This equipment is mainly to filter microorganisms and dust in the water to make the raw water clear.

4. Activated carbon filter

The equipment is mainly to filter the residual chlorine in the water.

5. Dosing system (anion and cation exchange system)

Previously, this system was an anion and cation exchange system, but it was not easy to operate, labor-intensive, and material-consuming. Now it is changed to the dosing system to directly add the scale inhibitor to it.

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