What are the classification of lathe accessories

Now that lathes are widely used, do you know what are the lathe accessories? In fact, there are not so many and complicated automatic lathe accessories. As long as you learn more about the classification of machine tools, you can become more familiar with lathe accessories. Now let us introduce the relevant content to you, hoping to help you.

As the saying goes, if you want to get a person’s heart first get his stomach, automatic lathes are the same. If you want an automatic lathe factory to trust you, the sales professionalism of automatic lathe accessories must be recognized. What does it mean? In fact, it is automatic. Lathe parts are the stomach of the automatic lathe factory. Why do you say that? For the editor, any tool for automatic lathes is not very difficult to understand. Only automatic lathe parts are a very headache.

Automatic lathe accessories are different because of the brand of automatic lathes, and everyone’s name for automatic lathe accessories is different. If there is no picture, if you want to find a real sales section of automatic lathe accessories, you must To know enough about automatic lathes, today the editor will also tell you what are the common automatic lathe accessories, and how to inquire when the automatic lathe factory inquires about the accessories.

One piece of automatic lathe accessories is not very complicated, it is nothing more than the spare parts on automatic lathe equipment. Common ones include transmission pinion, tooth tube, tapping shaft, clutch shaft, tool holder, main shaft, copper sleeve, camshaft, cam top center , Opening and closing pins, electromagnets, micro switches, ground shafts, the above ten kinds of accessories are very easy to replace for automatic lathe accessories, and they are also common accessories. If you don’t know the name of the accessories anymore, you can consider buying one. Lathe introduction book is to buy the corresponding introduction book according to your own company’s lathe brand. The introduction book contains the name and code of each accessory. According to the name and code, the efficiency of asking for the required accessories will definitely be higher.

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