Use and maintenance of cement block machine

Henan Xinyue Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of concrete reinforcement blocks and automatic forming equipment. According to the strong demand of the market, under the technical guidance of relevant experts, it has carried out many tests and technological innovations, and designed a complete set of efficient The production equipment of concrete cushion and cement mortar cushion for reinforced protective layer greatly improves production efficiency and reduces cost compared with the old production method. The output cushion has high strength, regular shape, and easy to use. And other advantages, instead of self-made cement mortar block and plastic mold block have low strength, poor water permeability and poor concrete structure. The product can control the protective layer of concrete reinforced beams, slabs, columns, and walls within the effective allowable range, and design in full accordance with the requirements of the thickness of the reinforced protective layer in the National “Code for Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures” to ensure the stress in the concrete structure The correct position of the steel bars and reduce the indirect corrosion of the steel bars. Good consistency, using professional mold injection technology, which can effectively control the thickness of the reinforced concrete protective layer; high strength, good adhesion to concrete, ensuring no bar exposed; self-locking; no falling off; no broken; simple operation and saving It saves money and is widely used in various industrial and civil constructions such as buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, and subways.

Raw materials needed to manufacture multi-function pad machine:

One or two of fly ash, slag, coal gangue, slag, lime sand, gravel, tailings, sand, stone powder, construction waste, just add a small amount of cement!

Use and maintenance of multi-function pad machine:

⒈When installing or replacing new and old molds, be sure to avoid collisions and bumps, assemble in a civilized manner, and pay attention to protecting the molds;

⒉Check the size of the mold and the condition of the welding joint frequently during use. If weld cracks occur, they should be repaired in time. If the wear is too fast, adjust the aggregate size. If excessive wear affects the quality of the product, a new mold must be equipped;

⒊ Carefully adjust the gap, including the distance between the indenter and the mold core, the indenter and the moving plane of the material cart, the mold frame and the wire board, and the relative movement must not interfere or rub against;

⒋When cleaning molds daily, use air compressors and soft tools to remove concrete residues. Gravity beating and prying molds are strictly prohibited;

⒌The replaced mold should be cleaned and oiled to prevent rust. It should be placed on a dry and flat pad to prevent gravity deformation.

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