Types of Kangqitong Diaphragm Cylinders

Types of diaphragm cylinders

ControlAir proportional valve adopts American advanced technology and is one of the necessary air source treatment components in industrial automation production. It is also called air source treatment air volume booster and high flow regulator.

Single-acting diaphragm cylinder:

Compressed air enters on only one side of the piston, that is, there is only one compressed air inlet on the cylinder, so only one side has pneumatic thrust, and the working stroke of the cylinder is limited to one direction. The piston of the cylinder can return to its original position under the action of spring, gravity or other external forces. Non-spring type can be selected when ordering.

Double-acting diaphragm cylinder:

When compressed air enters and exits alternately on both sides of the piston, the direction of extension and compression has air thrust, which makes the piston move in two directions. The speed of the movement in both directions can be controlled by adjusting the air pressure. There is an air inlet on each side of the piston. When one side takes in air, the other side acts as an exhaust port, and vice versa.

Ultra-low friction diaphragm cylinder:

This type of product is a single-acting long-stroke cylinder, and its remarkable feature is the use of Thompson’s “A” class linear ball bearings, which is especially suitable for applications that require high-precision response to small pressure changes. Applications Tension swing rollers, valves, positioners, gas storage tanks, pumps, expansion chambers, shock absorbers, buffers, welding drives, adjusting roller drives, and heat dissipation drives.

Kangqitong’s diaphragm cylinder (diaphragm cylinder) has a rated voltage for plant air operation. The temperature range is -40 to 145PSI (10BAR)°F to 225°F. The diaphragm material can be used to allow our gas cylinders to operate at temperatures ranging from -75°F to 400°F ControlAir’s standard line of gas cylinders, although only for aviation services, can be modified to accommodate hydraulic or liquid pressurized applications.

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