Tunnel shaped forklift can be customized according to needs, height and width adjustable L

The working hydraulic oil circuit of mining and tunnel loaders includes engine, torque converter, gearbox, front and rear drive axles, referred to as the four major parts
1. Engine
2. There are three pumps on the torque converter, working pump (supply lifting, reverse bucket pressure oil) steering pump (supply steering pressure oil) variable speed pump is also called walking pump(Supply torque converter, transmission pressure oil), some models are also equipped with a pilot pump on the steering pump (supply control valve pilot pressure oil)
3. Working hydraulic oil circuit, hydraulic oil tank, working pump, multi-way valve, lifting cylinder and tipping bucket cylinder

4. Walking oil circuit: the driving principle of variable loader The loader uses a bucket to shovel soil or other materials.After the bucket is full, the load runs for a period of timeDistance, and then unload the soil or materials in the bucket. No matter when shoveling the soil (material) or driving the load, there must be a power to overcome the loader.The resistance encountered in operation and operation. Tunnel special-shaped forklifts can be customized according to needs. The height and width can be adjusted. The power supplied by the diesel engine (or electric motor or pneumatic system) is transmitted through the hydraulic torque converter, which improves the stability of power transmission; reduces the engine’s impact on the drive shaft system. Shock load. Therefore, even if the loader works at the lowest speed, the engine can still be stable.

Mine forklift is a kind of machinery that can comprehensively complete digging, transporting, unloading, filling and leveling.According to the different walking mechanism, it can be divided into towed mine shovelTrucks and self-propelled scrapers. According to the different operating systems of mine forklifts, it can be divided into hydraulic and cable mine forklifts.Flexible operation of mine forkliftsIt is not restricted by terrain, does not need special roads, and has high production efficiency.The gas-cap oil assisted braking system of mining loader has more sensitive braking effect and safer driving;Integral fixed-shaft gearbox torque converter for loaders, with more reliable performance and easier maintenance;

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