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The tunnel loader adopts a hydraulic integral torque converter, which has high reliability and convenient maintenance; it is easy to operate, fast and flexible, has low fatigue strength, and has high operating efficiency. It can make full use of the power of the engine and increase the torque. The machine has large traction; compact structure, high transmission efficiency, large torque reserve, reliable performance, fast speed and long service life.

2. The exhaust gas discharged from the engine is filtered through two stages to ensure the health problems of workers in the poorly ventilated space.
3. Mining excavator loaders are mainly used for mining, iron ore, copper ore, gold, silver, lead-zinc ore, coal mine tunnels and other mines, hydropower, and tunnel projects in narrow-space tunnel mining operations. Stone and soil material collection and transportation, construction and loading. It is a production device with a manipulator connected to a conveyor, slag removal and conveying and loading functions. It adopts a production device with an electric full hydraulic control system. It has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, low energy consumption, and high efficiency. It is an indispensable advanced mining equipment for mining enterprises and a substitute for labor and other machinery.

4. Tunnel 928 loader. This type of mining loader is electronic ignition, which makes it easier for the driver to operate. The wheel bridge can be equipped with snow chains to extend the service life of the tire and increase the service life of the car.

The 928 loader 4102 has a turbocharged engine, power 76kw, tires 12-16.5, bucket width 1.6 meters, unloading height 1.8 meters, and water filtration.Dimensions: 5.2×1.98×1.85 meters, 5.35×1.7×1.86 meters

Special loaders for tunnels. Tunnel and mine underground roadway loaders are based on wheel loaders by our company, using explosion-proof motors and frequency converters instead of traditional diesel engines, without any tail gas pollution, and are specially used for shoveling operations in underground (mine) mines; The height of the whole machine is low, and the unloading height is less than 2 meters; the electrical system has large capacity, sufficient start-up, and sufficient lighting. It is an efficient, economic, safe, and reliable next-generation product; its performance indicators meet or exceed national and industry standards.

With the sustained, healthy and rapid development of my country’s economy, the demand for construction machinery has increased. These demands have put forward both “quantity” and “quality” huge market demands for construction machinery products. Roadway loaders are widely used in all walks of life, whether it is roads, construction, hydropower, ports, and mines. There will be more opportunities for foreign advanced mining machinery and equipment to enter China, and Chinese equipment will also have more More opportunities are on the axis of the world. Under such circumstances, the managers, technicians and maintenance personnel engaged in underground mining and engineering in our country all urgently need to understand this type of equipment. The domestic engineers and technicians engaged in the manufacturing of such equipment in order to develop complete sets of equipment to participate in international competition. Also master relevant design theories and methods. Therefore, the design of this type of equipment is of great significance.

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