To cater to market demand, CME Machine Tool Show strives to build a smart factory

China has become the largest sales country of industrial robots,Data Display,2017The total consumption of industrial robots in the Chinese market reached9.8Million units, than2016Annual growth26.6%.This year, the domestic industrial robot industry continues to develop well. The data compiled by the forward-looking database shows that2018yearIn May, the output of industrial robots in my country was 10057 sets, a year-on-year increase of 47.3%, and the cumulative output from January to May was 44,360 sets, a cumulative increase of 50.4%.(Note: The data comes from the network)

The reasons for the booming development of industrial robots in my country are summarized as follows:

First of all, in terms of policy, smart manufacturing has become a national strategy.2018-2023It is a critical period for the development of China’s manufacturing industry and a golden period for the development of the robotics industry. The new model of intelligent manufacturing represented by robot applications will lead China’s manufacturing to new heights.

Secondly, there is huge demand in the market.With the industryDriven by multiple factors such as 4.0 development, industrial transformation and upgrading, and population structure adjustment, the domestic manufacturing industry has set off a new wave of industrial transformation, and my country’s robot industry has a huge market space. Under the dual benefits of the market and policies, the domestic robot market is heating up rapidly, and the robot industry can be described as rapid development.

2019CME China Machine Tool Show has 5 major exhibition areas including: metal cutting machine tool exhibition area, metal forming machine tool exhibition area, labor and cutting tools exhibition area, machine tool accessories exhibition area, and modern industrial equipment exhibition area..It will showcase the most cutting-edge technologies and related equipment such as global high-end metal processing, cutting machine tools, industrial automation and intelligent robots for the audience.

EMAG,ABB, Fanuc of Japan, Okuma of Japan, Doosan of Korea, Mikron of Switzerland, Hanwha of Korea, Tsugami of Japan, Citizen of Japan, Kitamura of Japan, UNITEC of Korea, Shanghai Bank of Taiwan, Taichung Precision Machinery, Daqiao, Chengtai, Tokugawa, Yawei, Gamma, Gao Feng, Rongtian, Iron King, Tan Jia, Dunfeng, Qinghong, Genesis, Deyang, Kermat, Honesty, Ngai Hing, etc., these are the best in the field of machine tools, Without exception, East China is chosen as the key development market for enterprises.

Every timeCME China Machine Tool Show heldperiod, Just after the New Year, the manufacturing industry will usher in the first peak demand season in the beginning of the spring. This is also the biggest opportunity for the entire machine tool industry.After years of accumulation at CME China Machine Tool Show, we are no longer young, we are professional enough, 2019CME China Machine Tool Show will be in the coming year2moon26dayMarch 1Meet you at the Japan National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao). What is the on-site transaction volume? We will see the result by then. Welcome to witness together.

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