Tianrui cement sand and gravel co-production provides a win-win example for the reform of the cement industry

Cement is my country’s basic industry. The normal progress of national infrastructure construction cannot be separated from the backup support of cement raw materials. In recent years, my country’s cement industry has also achieved considerable results. However, as the market is increasingly being divided up, cement How can the industry seek development?

According to market surveys, due to the overall economic downturn, my country’s cement market has shown signs of decline in varying degrees this year, and many companies with relatively small financial strength are facing bankruptcy and bankruptcy; then, in a rapidly changing market, how should cement companies face What about a series of crises such as market shrinking? Undoubtedly, reform and transformation are imperative.

In recent years, the operation of diversified industries has made cement companies aware of the weakness of single production. Therefore, the upstream and downstream extension of the cement industry chain represented by Tianrui Cement has become an important step in the transformation of the industry. Dragon production will proceed quickly. According to the relevant person in charge of Tianrui Cement Plant, with the assistance of the technicians of Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., they will pass the limestone and other raw materials that cannot be used in cement production through jaw crushers, impact crushers, high-efficiency sand making machines and other equipment. Processing to make sand and gravel, this measure not only solves the serious waste of raw materials in the mining area and pollutes the environment, but also opens up a new profit point for the enterprise, which truly enables the enterprise to achieve a win-win development.

Through the continuous implementation of relevant departments and the implementation of some cement companies, the co-production of cement and sand has gradually become a new trend in the industry. Driven by the national infrastructure, my country’s cement industry will surely once again usher in a good opportunity to spread its wings.

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