Thousands of buyers’ purchase matching will be widely praised in the machine tool industry

The large-scale business matching platform specially launched by the 18th Shanghai International Machine Tool Show-Thousand Buyers Purchasing Matching Meeting, which was launched on June 4, 2016, has attracted great attention in the industry and is characterized by its efficiency, convenience and accuracy. Sex is widely praised in the industry.

The Thousand Buyers Purchasing Matching Meeting is a large-scale project demand business docking platform carefully built by the organizer of the 18th Shanghai International Machine Tool Show. The event is expected to attract nearly a thousand buyers to participate. These thousand buyers put forward their purchasing needs to the organizer. The organizer will accurately match the 700 exhibitors of the exhibition according to the needs of each buyer, and feed the data back to the buyers; buyers can go straight to them during the exhibition. Matching exhibitors and experiencing products makes the purchasing journey time-saving, labor-saving and worry-free. The Thousand Buyers Purchasing Matching Meeting is also known as the “If You Are the One” in the machine tool industry because of this mode of smart docking between buyers and exhibitors and face-to-face “blind date”.

After the event went live, many professional organizations and institutions have shown great interest.Jiaxing Mould Industry Association, Zhejiang Mechanical Engineering Society, Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society, Shanghai No. 3 Machine Tool Plant, Nantong Zhongtian Technology, Shanghai Zhangjiang (Putuo) Intelligent Manufacturing and Robot Industrial Park, Shanghai Instrument and Meter Industry Association, Shanghai Construction Machinery Industry Association , China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, Dongguan Machinery Industry Association, Meigulong Metal Products (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Heavy Machinery Industry Association, etc.Professional organizations have confirmed that they will participate in this event.

Buyers participating in this event can not only find the products they are satisfied with efficiently, conveniently and accurately, but also enjoy the many luxurious services provided by the organizer, such as VIP access, free hotel accommodation, coffee break services, VIP guests The right to use the lounge, etc., make the shopping trip that has always been tiring as comfortable as traveling.

The 18th Shanghai International Machine Tool Show has established a good reputation in the industry by virtue of its 17 years of successful exhibition. The launch of the Thousand Buyers Procurement Matching Meeting has once again attracted the attention of the industry. It is innovative and good. The service also set a new benchmark for the machine tool exhibition.

To participate in the registration of the Thousand Buyers Purchasing Matching Meeting, please click to enter the registration entry of the official website:

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