Things to be concerned about when replacing motors in large industrial washing machines

It is a normal thing for people to get sick. Although we pay more attention to our health daily, we still cannot avoid the coming of sickness and aging. In fact, large industrial washing machines are just like people. Although we do our best to maintain it daily, it is also It cannot be guaranteed that it will not malfunction, nor can it block the aging of the equipment; the motor is a very important part of the large industrial washing machine accessories. It can be said that the equipment is the “heart” of the quilt. It may fail for various reasons, and When it is serious, the motor needs to be replaced. What Hebei Xinhangxing wants to share with you today is the matters needing attention when replacing the motor of a large industrial washing machine. I hope everyone can help.

When the motor needs to be replaced, there are only two ways to obtain a new motor, one is to directly report to the large industrial washing machine manufacturer for repair, the other is to buy the motor from the market by yourself, if it is the former, then it is relatively simple, just tell Manufacturer your industrial large-scale washing machine specifications, and what equipment needs to be purchased, so that the manufacturer can accurately determine the original motor specifications and brand of the equipment. If you buy the motor yourself, you can check the OEM on the motor first. What brand of motor is, if there is a brand, there will usually be the size of the motor. Just buy it. If you can’t determine the brand of the motor, then you must determine the size of the motor, no matter what brand of motor you choose, The selected specifications cannot be less than the specifications of the original motor, otherwise the speed of the large industrial washing machine will be affected.

Another point to remind everyone is that the motors used in the large-scale industrial washing machines that are now integrated are all frequency conversion, so when choosing a motor, you should choose a frequency conversion motor. The use of a frequency conversion motor is the decisive factor for realizing different speeds during washing and dehydration. In fact, Hebei Xinhangxing, as a linen washing manufacturer, still recommends that when replacing motors or other main parts, try to find the manufacturers to provide accessories, so that the accessories can be better used with the equipment.

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