The working principle and selection specification of ozone generator

The working principle and selection specification of ozone generator, ozone, ozone generator, ozone disinfection equipment

Ozone generator is an equipment device used to produce ozone. Ozone is easy to decompose and cannot be stored. It needs to be prepared and used on-site (but in special circumstances it can be stored for a short period of time). Ozone generators must be used in all places where ozone can be used. Ozone generators are widely used in tap water, sewage, industrial oxidation, space sterilization and other fields.

Ozone is recognized as a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency disinfectant in the world. Use air or oxygen as raw materials to generate ozone using high-frequency and high-voltage discharge. Ozone has one more active oxygen atom than oxygen molecules. Ozone has a very active chemical property. It is a strong oxidant and can quickly kill bacteria in the air at a certain concentration. There are no toxic residues and no secondary pollution. It is known as the “cleanest oxidant and disinfectant”.

Ozone generator
Working principle of ozone generator:

According to the way of ozone generation, there are three main types of ozone generators at present: high-voltage discharge ozone generators, ultraviolet irradiation ozone generators, and electrolytic ozone generators.

Application of ozone generator in various industries of water treatment and ozone consumption:

1. Application in food processing industry: such as production water, production workshop, packaging room, changing room, sterile room, production equipment, tools, etc.

2. Application in the beverage processing industry: such as purified water, mineral water, production water for various beverages, production workshops, packaging rooms, dressing rooms, sterile rooms, production equipment, tools, etc.

3. Application in fruit and vegetable processing industry: if vegetable storage, preservation, processing, production water, production workshop, packaging room, dressing room, sterile room, production equipment, tools, etc.

4. Application in cold storage preservation: anti-corrosion preservation and prolonged storage of vegetables, grains, poultry eggs, meat, aquatic products, etc.

5. Application in the pharmaceutical industry: such as production water, central air-conditioning systems, workshops, changing rooms, sterile rooms, etc.

6. Application in the pharmaceutical industry: such as pharmaceutical factories, hospital wards, beds, bedding, operating rooms, medical equipment, sterile rooms, etc.

7. Application in breeding industry: such as chicken breeding, fish breeding, vegetable greenhouses, etc. for sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, air purification, etc.

8. Application in public places: such as hotels, restaurants, schools, Internet buses, waiting halls, etc. to purify the air and prevent cross-infection.

9. Used in drinking water; such as deep well water, municipal water supply, secondary pressurized water supply, rural drinking water.

10. Used in reclaimed water, sewage, waste water and waste gas.

11. Water purification and air purification used in swimming pools and swimming pools.

Note: Calculation of ozone demand: the amount of ozone required for water treatment g/h = 1.06 coefficient × ozone dosage g/m3 × water volume m3/h.

The selection of ozone generator is very important, and the selection should be made from the following aspects:

1. Determine the model of the ozone generator, that is, the ozone output:

When purchasing an ozone generator, first determine its use, whether it is used for air sterilization and deodorization and also for water treatment. When used in air treatment, you can choose a low-concentration economical open ozone generator, which includes two types with an open air source and an open without air source. The best choice is an air source model. This type of ozone generator has a simple structure and low price, but temperature and humidity affect the amount of ozone generated during operation. The above-mentioned open-type ozone generator is the simplest ozone device, and a high-concentration ozone generator should also be selected for air treatment in places with high requirements. In air treatment, it is put in according to the standard of 20-50mg/m3, and the high value is selected in the food and drug industry. The total amount of ozone (that is, the output of the ozone generator) can be obtained by conversion based on the size of the space. When used in water treatment, a high-concentration ozone generator (ozone concentration greater than 12mg/L) must be purchased. Low-concentration ozone treated water is invalid. The high-concentration ozone generator is equipped with gas source and gas source treatment device and ozone generating device as standard. The small-scale ozone generator can be designed as an integrated model with an output of 5-200g/h, and the large and medium-sized ozone generator basically exists in the form of a unit.

2. Identify the quality of the ozone generator:

The quality of ozone generators can be distinguished from many aspects such as manufacturing materials, system configuration, cooling methods, operating frequencies, control methods, ozone concentration, gas source and power consumption indicators. A high-quality ozone generator should be made of high-dielectric materials, standard configuration (including gas source and purification device), dual-electrode cooling, high-frequency drive, intelligent control, high ozone concentration output, low power consumption and low gas source consumption.

3. Cost performance:

High-quality ozone generators are designed to configuration and manufacturing materials in accordance with its standards, and the cost is much higher than low-grade generators and low-configuration generators. However, the performance of high-quality ozone generators is very stable, and the ozone concentration and output are not affected by environmental factors. However, the low-configuration ozone generator is greatly affected by the environment when it is working, and the increase in temperature and humidity can greatly reduce the ozone production and concentration, which affects the treatment effect. The price and performance should be comprehensively compared when purchasing.

4. Prevent misunderstandings:

A. Understand whether the ozone generator contains a gas source. The cost of a generator with a gas source and a generator without a gas source are quite different. If you purchase an ozone generator without a gas source through the price advantage, you still need to equip the gas source device by yourself, which may eventually cost you more.

B. Understand the structure of the generator, whether it can be operated continuously, the ozone output concentration and other indicators. For example, an ozone generator is needed for water purification. If an open ozone generator is selected by mistake, it cannot be used.

C. Confirm the rated output of the ozone generator, whether it is marked with the air source or the output marked with the oxygen source. Because the ozone output of the ozone generator using an oxygen source is twice as large as when using an air source, the cost of the two is nearly doubled. When purchasing an ozone generator, both the supplier and the demander should communicate in all directions to avoid misunderstandings. Do not use the price as the main reference to measure the ozone generator.

5. Standby machine:

For places where continuous work is not allowed to stop, there should be a backup machine when purchasing an ozone generator. Purchase according to the principle of dual use and one preparation, and one use and one preparation. The standby unit is mainly used alternately during equipment maintenance or repair to avoid downtime for maintenance and affect normal production.

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