The two-year on-site transaction volume is nearly 1.6 billion CME China Machine Tool Show is committed to building the first exhibition of machine tool procurement in China

The new round of statistics shows:The on-site transaction volume of the 2016 CME China Machine Tool Show reached 839 million, an increase of 15.6% compared to the 2015 transaction volume of 726 million yuan. The two-time CME China Machine Tool Show’s on-site transaction volume has accumulated nearly 1.6 billion.

Behind such a prosperous temporary market and huge transaction volume isThe organizers of CME China Machine Tool Show are dedicated to promoting the results every year.

Ten million advertising investment Accurate exposure in all directions

CME’s annual advertising investment alone amounts to more than 10 million. The offline includes 200 highway artillery advertisements, airport advertisements, high-speed rail station light box advertisements, 160 high-speed rail train seat backboard advertisements, and online promotion by 120 industry professional media. It also provides accurate delivery and exposure of keywords in search engines such as Baidu, 360, and Sogou; another 800,000 industry data is used to invite professional audiences through one-to-one phone calls from professional call center teams to sort out the audience’s purchasing needs before the exhibition, and organize purchasing companies to communicate with each other. Key suppliers are connected to better promote the on-site transaction volume. The last CME has attracted large enterprises including CSR, CNR, CRRC, Foxconn, Shanghai Volkswagen, Aerospace Engineering Equipment, Sany Heavy Industry, Dongfeng Motor, Cummins, Siemens, Xi’an Aerospace Engine, General Electric, etc. to visit and purchase. And reached an in-depth cooperation intention with them, becoming a key platform for them to release procurement needs.

Cooperating with the European Machine Tool Show to gather the world’s largest machine tools

The CME China Machine Tool Show was very popular. It was only the last edition (2016CME China Machine Tool Show), with a scale of 70,000 square meters; nearly a thousand exhibitors, such as outstanding brands such as: Swiss GF AgieCharmilles, Japan’s FANUC, Korea’s Hanwha, Japan’s Okuma, Korea’s Hyundai Avia, Doosan of South Korea, Haas of the United States, Tencom Automation of the United States, Tsugami of Japan, Citizen of Japan, Zimmer Group, EMAG, Okamoto of Japan, UGI Intert of Korea, Shanghai Bank of Taiwan, Lichi, Chengtai, Asia Wei, Dongtai, Qiao Weijin, ABB Robots, KUKA Robots, Harbin Institute of Technology Robots, Jinshi Robots, etc. all participated in the exhibition; the number of professional visitors exceeded 90,000, which was highly recognized and widely praised by the industry and received close attention from world-renowned exhibitions. , Now it has reached strategic cooperation intentions with the European Machine Tool Show (referred to as EMO Exhibition) and the American Chamber of Commerce, and also maintains a good cooperative relationship with the Taiwan Trade Association, Yuhuan Machine Tool Industry Association, Tengzhou Machine Tool Association, etc.

Hold brand launch conferences in succession promoteCME China Machine Tool Show on the international stage

this year,The CME China Machine Tool Show held the 2017 CME China Machine Tool Show Taiwan press conference in Taichung in May with the theme “Intelligent Manufacturing in China, World Stage”, which aims to promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the manufacturing industries of the two sides of the strait and promote economic integration. A total of more than 150 representatives of machine tool companies from Taiwan, Taiwan attended the press conference. The signed booth area is more than 1,000 square meters.

In July 2016, the 2017 CME China Machine Tool Show International Promotion Reception was successfully held on the Bund in Shanghai, including Knoll, DMG, EMAG, Fives, Schuette, Starrag Heckert, EWS, Mimatic, Mapal, Schunk, Liebherr, Kuka, Chiron, Hurco, etc. CEOs of more than 20 international machine tool companies attended the scene. It was announced on the spot that CME China Machine Tool Show has reached a long-term strategic partnership with the European Machine Tool Show, committed to joint development and maintenance of international customers, and promote the internationalization of the Chinese machine tool market. European machine tool brands formally entered the CME China Machine Tool Show.

In September 2016, CME China Machine Tool Show will co-host the 2017 CME China Machine Tool Show International Conference with local partners during the German Machine Tool Show to provide more German companies with new development directions in China.

distanceThere are still 202 days left for the 2017 CME China Machine Tool Show. The various advertisements and promotion measures of the CME China Machine Tool Show have been fully launched and the firepower is on. Next year, the first exhibition of machine tool feast in the spring of next year, from March 1st to 4th, 2017 CME China Machine Tool Show will meet you at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao).

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