The tractor market started early this year and some areas are out of stock

Since March, most areas of our country have begun a busy and busy spring ploughing season. As a result, the tractor market in some regions has also entered a sales climax. Judging from the market situation that the author understands, the current tractor market sales present the following characteristics:

First, the start-up of tractor markets varies greatly from region to region.Some areas in the south, northwest, northeast and other regions have begun to start the market due to busy spring plowing preparations. However, from the indications of the start, the areas dominated by cash crops were areas where the purchase price of agricultural products was relatively high last year. 1. Regional markets where farmers’ incomes are growing faster have been launched more strongly, such as Guangxi, Northeast, Xinjiang and other regions. In some other areas, either because they have not yet entered the preparation of farming, or because the income growth of traditional agriculture is relatively slow, the market has not yet started, or the start-up situation is average. For example, in the southern Jiangxi market, since the sales volume of walking tractors in the previous two years exceeded 70,000 units, and the social ownership has increased rapidly, the market launch of these markets this spring is not ideal.

Second, the start of the tractor market was significantly earlier than last year. Judging from the sales situation of this year’s market, the start of the tractor market in all regions that are moving sales was significantly earlier than the same period last year. Some regions, such as the Xinjiang market, started selling in the fourth quarter of last year. Some areas in Northeast China started selling tractors as soon as the Spring Festival. It is fully mobile. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the output of large tractors in March increased by 37.7% year-on-year, the output of medium-sized tractors increased by 18% year-on-year, and the output of small tractors increased by 17.5% year-on-year. Correspondingly, the dynamic sales of tractors in the first quarter of last year were different. Ideally, most markets are launched after April.

The third is that the tractor market has a wider range of start-ups. Judging from the current market situation, some regional markets with early spring ploughing started early, and they were fully launched in the Northeast, Northwest, and South regions. Correspondingly, the tractor market started unevenly last year. Sales in individual markets are better. Most markets start sales in mid-April, some markets only start sales in May, and sales in individual markets continue until July.

Fourth, the start-up is relatively violent.This year, in some well-launched regional markets, people rushed to buy tractors. In addition, since the second half of last year, the prices of raw and auxiliary materials have continued to rise. Due to difficulties, the production of tractor products could not meet the needs of the market, so there was a shortage of goods in some areas. The good export situation of tractors this year is also one of the reasons for the shortage of domestic sales. In the first quarter of last year, the tractor market was dominated by production companies to suppress warehouses, and the sales situation was not ideal. Judging from the information provided by the Statistics Association of the Machinery Industry Tractor Industry, the production and sales rate of large and medium tractors in the tractor industry reached 97.4% in the first quarter of this year, an increase of 9 percentage points from the same quarter last year.

This year, the tractor market started early and started relatively strongly.There are several reasons:

First, the state subsidy funds and plans were issued earlier, and users were relieved.Since the first batch of 11 billion yuan of subsidy funds in 2011 reached the provinces last year, there will definitely be subsidies in 2011, and the total amount of subsidy funds not less than 2010 is basically a foregone conclusion. Therefore, some local agricultural machinery authorities are no longer allowed to operate in advance because the subsidy program was not issued last year, and farmers also dared to buy in advance because of the reassurance of the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy because of the publicity in place. It is understood that in some regions such as southern Xinjiang, most farmers purchase machines in full. Even in this case, users are still more active in purchasing machines, indicating that there is still a strong rigid demand in the market.

Second, with the increase in farmers’ income, the enthusiasm for investing in agriculture has increased.Due to the relatively high purchase prices of grain crops and cash crops in 2010, the income level brought to farmers has increased rapidly. According to statistics, last year, the per capita net income of farmers in my country reached 5,919 yuan, an increase of 766 yuan over 2009. This was the largest increase in history. The per capita income of farmers actually increased by 10.9%. The increase in income has strengthened farmers’ investment in agriculture. Increase the confidence in output and income. Therefore, driven by the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, users are very motivated to purchase agricultural machinery.

Third, the price increase of raw and auxiliary materials from the second half of last year is also an important reason for boosting the market.Since the second half of last year, the prices of the main raw and auxiliary materials used in tractors such as crude oil, pig iron and non-ferrous metals have risen. According to incomplete statistics, the main raw materials in February 2011 were compared with January 2010, and pig iron increased by 25.7%. Brought about 20% increase in the price of steel materials used in tractors, such as cast iron, sheet metal, and shaft parts; 20% increase in tires (natural rubber up 78% over the same period last year); non-ferrous metal lead (the main raw material for batteries) over last year Increased by 7.5% over the same period; copper (the main raw material for water tanks) increased by 21.8%; leading to a rise in the prices of water tanks and batteries; diesel increased by 24.4%, and the emission requirements of diesel engines for tractors reached the National II standard, which also led to an increase in manufacturing costs Therefore, the price of small wheeled tractors generally rises at least 1,000 yuan, and the price of large wheeled tractors generally rises above 2,000 yuan. There is a general mentality of buying up and not buying down in farmers’ consumption. In addition, sooner or later, it is better to increase the price. Buy before, which also boosted the start of the market.

Following the official announcement of the Ministry of Agriculture’s “Guiding Opinions on the Implementation of Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidies in 2011”, the subsidy programs of various provinces will be introduced in April and May one after another, and the total subsidy funds in 2011 reached 17.5 billion yuan, an increase of 20 compared to last year. 100 million yuan, even after the end of spring plowing in some areas, there will be certain sales due to the start of the subsidy program, so this year’s tractor sales season will continue for a while.

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