The temperature of the guide bearing of the CNC lathe is too high

Numerical control lathes are now popular in the market, because of their excellent performance, many manufacturers have purchased products. However, during use, there will be some failure problems. Next, the CNC lathe manufacturer will introduce how to deal with the high temperature problem of the CNC lathe bearing if the temperature of the CNC lathe guide bearing is too high, and its principle. The purpose of setting the guide rail bearing of the CNC lathe is to limit the work of the generator main shaft so that it can only bear the radial load on the generator main shaft within the specified guide rail bearing clearance range.

  • 1. Reasons for the increase in bearing temperature: The contact points on the surface of the shaft tile are small, and the contact surface is insufficient, which does not meet the equipment specifications; the increase in the bearing clearance is much greater than the clearance required by the design, which makes it difficult for lubricant to form when entering the bearing tile surface The oil wedge causes poor lubrication, which causes the temperature of the guide bearing to rise and the vibration of the unit to increase.
  • 2. The solution to the temperature rise of the guide bearing: When lubricating the surface of the ceramic tile, even though the matching gap is small even through the large swing point of the main shaft, the distance is short, the lubrication condition is good, the heat generated by friction is small, the cooling effect is good, and it is generally not It will cause the temperature of the bearing to rise, and it will not cause the ceramic tile to burn.

The above are the reasons and solutions for the high temperature of CNC lathe bearings. Please continue to pay attention to the website for more news and information. We will update relevant information from time to time for your reference, so stay tuned.

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