The sieve used in the wheat cleaning process and its characteristics

1 Cylinder preliminary cleaning screen: suitable for extra-large impurities, such as large rocks, ropes, straws, etc. in wheat. Generally used in the receiving duty tower of raw materials. Features: complex structure, good self-discharging ability, large screen hole, large processing capacity.

2 Vibrating screen: It can clean up large and small impurities. It can be used with a winnowing device to eliminate light impurities. It is generally used as the first stage of the processing stage of wool. It can also be used as a primary cleaning sieve to remove extra-large impurities, but it is not as strong as a cylindrical primary cleaning sieve for self-draining impurities, such as straws and hemp ropes, which tend to block the screen surface and are not easy to squeeze out.

3 Plane rotary screen: It can remove large and small impurities, and can also be used with a winnowing device to remove light impurities and has a good effect on small impurities. It is generally used in the processing stage and light wheat processing stage. Non-mainstream use is used to remove small impurities after the wheat harvesting is equipped.

4 Plane rotary screen: The ability to remove large and small impurities is relatively strong, and it can also be used with a winnowing device to remove light impurities. This equipment retains the advantages of the sieve machine and the flat rotary sieve. The flat rotary sieve is better than the sieve for removing small impurities, and it is better than the flat rotary sieve; the large sieve is slightly worse than the sieve, but stronger than the flat rotary sieve. Generally used as a two-pass screen and a three-pass screen, the effect is better than that of a flat rotary screen.

In theoretical consumption, three screens, two dozens, two de-stones, one selection, one immersion, and three magnetic separation “cleaning processes. The fair combination of three screens” is the first screen or vibrating screen, and the second and third screens. It is best to choose a plane vibrating rotary screen, or a plane rotary screen

2. Use in the wheat cleaning process:

The main application of the sieve in the wheat cleaning process is the selection method. Even if the grain size of the wheat and the impurities are consistent, the liquidation is suspended. The particle size is generally based on the consistency of the thickness and width of the wheat and impurities. The selection method needs to be equipped with an active sieve surface with suitable sieve holes, and the relative movement of the sieve surface and the wheat will cause the wheat to break out and stratify, and the sieve surface with small particle size and large specific flesh becomes under the sieve. Rarely used flat rotary screens, primary cleaning screens, etc.

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