The role of crawler shot blasting equipment

Crawler shot blasting machine is suitable for surface treatment of various parts. All kinds of metal casting surface sticky sand cleaning, surface derusting of ferrous metal parts; dullness of surface burrs and burrs of stamping parts, surface treatment of forgings and heat-treated workpieces, removal of spring surface oxide scale and surface grain refinement, etc. It can be achieved by the shot blasting strengthening process of this series of equipment. Its application range is extremely wide, mainly including foundries, bicycle parts factories, auto parts factories, motorcycle parts factories, non-ferrous metal die-casting factories, etc.

After shot blasting, the workpiece can obtain a good material color, and it can also become the first process of the black, blue, passivation and other processes on the surface of the metal part. At the same time, it can provide a good base surface for electroplating, paint, etc. . After the machine is shot blasted, the workpiece can reduce the tensile stress and at the same time refine the surface grains, thereby strengthening the surface of the workpiece and increasing its service life. The crawler shot blasting machine has low working noise, low dust and high production efficiency. At the same time, the projectile can be automatically recycled, with low material consumption and low cost. It is an ideal surface treatment equipment for modern enterprises.

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