The requirements of the CNC core machine for the spindle components

The spindle parts of the CNC core machine should not only satisfy the requirements of high sharpness during finishing, but also have the ability to cut during rough machining. At the same time, the spindle parts of the CNC core machine should have higher dynamic and static rigidity and resistance to thermal deformation. Talent. The following introduces the requirements of the CNC walking machine for the spindle components:

  • 1. Sufficiently high rigidity: High-speed cutting is usually used when the CNC core machine is in operation. This requires the spindle components to have a high rigidity. Otherwise, the spindle will produce large elastic deformation under the effect of external force, which will cause oscillation and affect the processing. The accuracy and surface roughness of the parts.
  • 2. Higher reversal accuracy: The same rotation accuracy of the spindle components of the CNC core machine refers to the radial runout and the amount of radial runout measured with a dial indicator on the positioning surface of the workpiece and fixture at the front end of the spindle at no-load and low speed Axial runout. Its height directly affects the geometric accuracy and surface quality of the processed parts. so. The spindle components of the CNC core machine have high reversal accuracy.
  • 3. Good shock resistance: The shock resistance of the main shaft components of the CNC core machine refers to the ability of the main shaft components to resist vibration and maintain a balanced operation in the CNC machining. If the CNC core machine oscillates, it will affect the surface quality of the workpiece, the durability of the tool and the life of the spindle bearing, and it will also generate noise and affect the operating environment.
  • 4. Strong thermal stability: The thermal stability of the spindle component refers to the ability of the spindle component to resist changes in shape and position due to heat. During operation, the CNC core machine will generate heat due to friction, oil stirring or other reasons, resulting in an imbalance in the temperature of the spindle components, causing distortions in the shape and orientation of the spindle components, and then affecting the machining accuracy.
  • 5. Long precision persistence: The precision persistence of spindle components refers to the ability of the spindle to adhere to the original manufacturing precision for a long time. Numerical control centering machines are expensive. In order to speed up the capital recovery of the numerically controlled centering machines, the CNC centering machines have to maintain a high operating rate. At the same time, it is hoped to extend the service life and reduce the number of repairs, which requires the spindle parts of the CNC core machine to have good precision persistence.
  • 6. Reliable and accurate positioning: The spindle component structure of the CNC core machine should ensure reliable radial positioning accuracy and axial positioning accuracy to ensure that the workpiece or tool is firmly clamped, the positioning is accurate, and the clamping error and positioning error are reduced. The processing quality Impact.
  • 7. Other requirements: For CNC machine tools that require automatic tool change, the spindle components often require functions such as automatic tool loading and unloading, chip blowing, and spindle orientation, so as to meet the requirements of CNC machine tools to improve the level of automation and shorten the auxiliary time. .

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