The promotion meeting of Stallone Machine Tool Mall (Suzhou Branch) was successfully held

The promotion meeting of Shitailong Machine Tool Mall (Suzhou Branch) was grandly held on September 12th at the bank of Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou Industrial Park. Leading guests attending this event include: Mr. Cao Genji, Secretary-General of Jiangsu Die & Mould Industry Association, Mr. Zhou Shaojie, CEO of China Die Casting Network, Mr. Xie Wenlin, President of Samsung Work Machinery (China) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Jiang Zhilong, Mayor of Hutang Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City , Mr. Ji Fuyun, General Manager of Shanghai Uninis Industrial Equipment Sales Co., Ltd., Ms. Wang Ying, Deputy General Manager of Ningbo Haitian Precision Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Peng Xueguang, Shanghai Maiyi Industrial Co., Ltd., Mr. Ding Hongbing, Chairman of Shanghai Dingshi Machinery Co., Ltd., and Tsugami Precision Mr. Jiang Ping, Deputy General Manager of Machine Tool (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., Mr. Qiu Jixiang, Deputy General Manager of Lijin Precision Machinery (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Ms. He Zixuan, Project Director of China Machine Tool Show, Mr. Jiang Yiqiu, Vice President of Suzhou Cultural Expo Center Co., Ltd., Mr. Qi Yan, Vice President of Zhanyi Wealth Investment Management Co., Ltd., Mr. Sun Jiexiao, Chairman of Chunxing Precision Co., Ltd., Mr. Shi Xianjun, Chairman of Stellon Group, and leaders of Chunxing Precision Equipment Supplier and Strategic Cooperation Unit of Stellon Group, 170 representatives of business leaders, financial organizations, industry associations and news media from Taiwan, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Many industry elites gathered together to analyze industry trends, communicate strategic cooperation intentions, and inject new impetus into the creation and development of China’s industrial product platform in the future.

Recommendation meeting scene

Create a revolutionary platform for the integration of the entire industry chain

Mr. Sun Jiexiao, Chairman of Chunxing Precision, fully affirmed the revolutionary innovative concept and operation mode of “Stallone Machine Tool Store”. “Stallone Machine Tool Store” will change the industry transaction mode, lead the industry’s transformation and upgrading, enhance brand competitiveness, and reduce manufacturing The business transaction link greatly reduces the purchasing cost and operating cost of manufacturing enterprises. Sun Dong said that in this important period of China’s machine tool transformation and upgrading, he is willing to work hand in hand with Stallone to create a revolutionary platform for the integration of the entire industry chain.

Mr. Sun Jiexiao, Chairman of Chunxing Precision Co., Ltd.

Integrate resources, multi-functional industry trading platform

Mr. Cao Genji, Secretary-General of Jiangsu Die & Mould Industry Association, said: China’s machine tool mold market is very large, but the competition is also fierce. Companies not only need excellent quality, brand, and service, but also entrepreneurs’ highly sensitive market sense. Only in this way can we maintain the everlasting prosperity in the industrial tide. The chain operation model of “Stallone Machine Tool Mall” is a brand-new trading platform that integrates the procurement, sales and service of industrial products. It brings great convenience to the manufacturing industry by gathering high-precision brand products from around the world and distributing them nationwide. “Stallone Machine Tool Mall” creates a win-win situation with both the supply and demand parties, which is conducive to promoting the entry of international high-precision equipment into the country, thereby improving the level of domestic equipment manufacturing and providing a very feasible service exchange platform for the industry.

Mr. Cao Genji, Secretary General of Jiangsu Die & Mould Industry Association

Brand makes brand and enhances brand image

Mr. Xie Wenlin, President of Samsung Work Machinery (China) Co., Ltd., spoke on behalf of brand manufacturers: Samsung Machine Tool officially entered the Chinese market in 2011, and its products were 100% imported from Korea. Relying on the actual positioning of medium and high-end models, it is perfected by construction. Our sales service system is dedicated to provide Chinese customers with the most cost-effective machine tools. “Stallone Machine Tool Mall” provides comprehensive brand promotion for products entering the chain system, provides a good business ecological environment, efficient supply chain and rational competition, which will greatly promote the rapid development of the industrial product industry.

Factory direct sales, sunshine purchasing, chain operation

Finally, Shi Xianjun, Chairman of Stallone Group, made a grand recommendation for “Stallone Machine Tool Mall”. He pointed out that “From the perspective of the future development prospects of my country’s machine tool and accessories industry, the sales in the next four years are expected to reach 120 billion yuan. There are many problems in today’s machine tool industry, whether it is sales or communication with buyers, and Stallone Machine Tool Store has solved these problems very well.”

First of all, “Stallone Machine Tool Mall” directly displays the products on site (or multimedia video and 3D display), on-site technical exchanges, and clearly marked prices on site, so that end customers can easily compare and select products that are closer to their needs and find cost-effective products. Higher and genuine products. Secondly, “Stallone Machine Tool Mall” purchases from manufacturers in batches and imports in batches through centralized procurement to obtain lower prices and intermediate link costs, and maximize profits to end customers. Finally, “Stallone Machine Tool Mall” established an online sale e-commerce network to find corresponding sellers at a lower price for a large number of products that were sluggish in the warehouses of various terminal customers and suppliers, and realized distribution and sales with the help of offline malls.

“Stallone Machine Tool Mall” is a standardized industrial product chain hypermarket model, which completely subverts the industry’s existing transaction model. Through centralized display, centralized transaction, and centralized service, it provides enterprises with one-stop procurement and after-sales service of machine tools and machine tool accessories, and through providing supporting services such as business training, financial services, conference centers, industrial bookstores, and theme coffees, it has created An industrial service center and industrial neighborhood center integrating exhibition, business, leisure, and technical exchanges. The business model of “factory direct sales, sunshine procurement, and chain management” advocated by “Stallone Machine Tool Mall” is bound to subvert the traditional industrial product trading model.

Industry recognition, fueling the flames

The recommendation meeting ushered in the grand signing of the Changzhou store of Stallone Machine Tool Mall and the local government. It also ushered in the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement for the first show of the machine tool industry “China Machine Tool Show” held by the Shanghai Hongqiao International Convention and Exhibition Center in 2015. In addition, Shanghai Zhanyi Wealth Company’s tailor-made financial product promotion for the industrial products industry, etc., these meticulous arrangements have brought a wealth of information and development opportunities to many industry participants.

The flagship store of Stallone Machine Tool Mall in Suzhou will officially open at the end of 2014. At the same time, the Changzhou store, Shanghai store, Hangzhou store, and Ningbo store will follow suit and step up preparations. Please look forward to everyone…

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