The mobile mixing station of the mixing hopper meets the environmental protection requirements of various places. Concrete machinery L

The mixing bucket forklift with mixing bucket on the loader is the fourth-generation forklift developed by our first heavy industry at present. The technology is mature, hydraulic mixing, dual-motor dual-reducer work does not like jamming, uniform mixing, uniform speed, simple discharge Fast, it is an ideal helper for your construction site, mixing station, etc. Mixing bucket loader wear-resistant steel plate, thick blades, maintenance-free, convenient round-trip transportation, mixing mortar, sand and gravel, etc. According to different tasks, we recommend suitable models of mixing bucket forklifts , Sufficient horsepower, fast walking, convenient work, a mixing bucket loader, multi-purpose mixing bucket forklift when used as a forklift, mixer truck, multi-purpose integrated vehicle is a good economical model used by many customers, which can mix various materials and also It can walk with materials, while mixing while walking, saving time, convenient and energy-saving, you deserve to own a model of the mixing bucket loader with hydraulic system
Loader mixing bucket is also called forklift mixer, concrete mixing bucket, cement mixer upper hopper unloading hopper, a new type of mixer, self-shoveling and self-unloading, saving time and effort and fast discharge speed.
The mixing device of the loader mixing bucket is mainly composed of the mixing bucket and its auxiliary supporting parts.
1. The mixing bucket is a container for loading concrete. When rotating, the concrete moves along the spiral direction of the blades, and is mixed and stirred during the continuous lifting and turning process.
2. During the feeding and transportation process of the forklift mixing bucket, the mixing bucket rotates forward, and the concrete moves inward along the blades. The discharge reducer is generally used for low-speed and high-torque transmission equipment to turn electric motors, internal combustion engines or other high-speed running The power is reduced by the gear with a small number of teeth on the input shaft of the reducer meshing with the large gear on the output shaft.
3. The ordinary reducer of the mixing bucket forklift will also have several pairs of gears with the same principle to achieve the ideal deceleration effect. The ratio of the number of teeth of the large and small gears is the transmission ratio. When the mixing bucket is reversed, the concrete is discharged along the blades.
Each loader and forklift has a running-in period. The requirements for use and maintenance of the loader during the running-in period can be summarized as: strengthen training, reduce load, pay attention to inspection, and strengthen lubrication. As long as you pay attention to and implement the maintenance and maintenance of the loader during the running-in period as required, it will reduce the occurrence of early failures, extend the service life, and improve the efficiency of operation. The type of machine will not bring you more benefits.

Mixer with loader, shovel, mixing and transportation integrated machine is a new type of national patent. Forklift + mixer + transport vehicle three
This kind of integrated vehicle with one function is especially suitable for road construction, road hardening, mountain construction, and construction sites where power is not available.
Three models: 0.7 cubic meter 1 cubic meter at a time, 2 cubic meter mixing every 3 minutes, and the output is about 10 cubic meter per hour.Loader mixer refers to the addition of a mixer on the basis of the loader. It is a loader bucket hydraulic concrete mixer. It uses the loading and unloading principle of the loader, the principle of self-movement and the working principle of the forced concrete mixer to realize concrete mixing by itself Loading, mixing, transfer, and unloading, thereby effectively reducing construction costs and energy consumption. The loader mixer of Zhongshou Heavy Industry has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, low labor intensity of the operator, high work efficiency, and no power supply. It is suitable for small sites and field concrete operations. It has multiple functions and effectively improves work efficiency. It is a concrete construction project. Ideal equipment.

The mixing bucket loader is suitable for small and medium-sized buildings, road construction, and construction sites that require a large amount of concrete. When mixing concrete, the raw materials (stones, sand and cement) required by general construction companies are mostly transported from the material yard to the mixer by hand carts for mixing. This method of relying on manual feeding and manual transportation is labor-intensive. Large-scale production efficiency is low, which is no longer suitable for modern production requirements, and large-scale heavy-duty forklifts are not suitable for use. For this reason, we will effectively solve this problem.
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