The mixing bucket forklift serves the construction of rural roads without the restriction of the terrain L

Mixing bucket forklift loader modification mixing shovel bucket special cubic mixing bucket forklift loader modification mixing shovel bucket rural construction engineering special forklift modification mixing bucket truck, professionally suitable for some small projects, urban and village construction development, repairing roads, space The limited space provided is economical and practical, replacing labor, reducing the workload and avoiding unnecessary expenses. The appearance of the loader bucket hydraulic concrete mixer is bucket-shaped, the mixing cylinder is cylindrical, the arc part of the back end of the bucket is designed to coincide with the cylindrical mixing cylinder, and the columnar mixing cylinder and the plane bottom plate of the bucket are combined. Designed as a sliding door that can be opened and closed. The sliding door is in an arc shape and is embedded in a U-shaped groove fixed on the steel plate on both sides of the bucket. A hydraulic prop controls the opening and closing of the door. The device is installed in the cab.

The mixing bucket loader is a forklift that can be mixed with the loader bucket newly developed by the manufacturer. It is a mixer forklift that can mix sand, concrete, gravel and three-in-one materials. It has dual reducers, dual hydraulic motors, and uniform mixing speed. Fast, easy to see and cost-saving, it is an economical type mixing bucket loader that you are worth to use. If you have a national standard forklift or a small loader, we can assemble a matching mixing bucket according to the configuration. Brings more convenient work efficiency The fourth generation product of the mixing bucket loader is double-blade mixing, no material jam, and can be slightly reversed to return the jammed material, mixing all materials more effectively, maintenance-free, high-speed mixing bucket loading Machine tailor-made mixing bucket.

The mixing bucket loader truly realizes one machine with dual functions, which solves the problem of feeding and mixing after transportation. It discharges 1 cubic meter at a time, and it is used for driving for mixing. It saves time and manual mixing bucket loading. The machine is a kind of construction machinery. Simply put, it is a new type of machine that combines the bucket of the loader and the forced single-cylinder concrete mixer, which can be widely used in the field of concrete construction. The existing concrete production process is to load sand, cement, stones, water and other materials into a traditional mixer in proportion, and the mixer is driven by an AC power source to mix the concrete raw materials.

1. High-quality mixing bucket loader, manufacturing equipment and technological process are the guarantee of reliable quality;

2. Optimized design of mixing bucket loader, with strong versatility of main components;

3. The mixing bucket loader uses hydraulic gearbox and hydraulic torque converter, which makes the power transmission more reliable and more flexible.

4. The mixing bucket loader has a large wheelbase, reasonable bridge load distribution, high traction and breakout force, and good overall machine form and operation stability;

5. The layout of the hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil tanks of the mixing bucket loader is reasonable, and the hood is opened on the side, which is convenient for maintenance;

6. The mixing bucket loader adopts low-pressure wide-base off-road tires, and the rear axle can swing up and down around the center, so it has good off-road performance and passing performance, and is suitable for driving and working on rugged and uneven roads;

7. The pin shaft sleeve of the mixing bucket loader adopts a sealed structure to prevent dust and dirt and increase the service life;

The influence of the mixing bucket loader oil on the loader has the following points:

1. If the oil of the mixing bucket loader is too little, it is easy to cause the excavator to pull the cylinder, and in severe cases, it will damage the cylinder.

2. Excessive oil in the mixing bucket loader will have an impact on the power of the loader. Assuming that it will not take much effort to shake your hands on the ground, it will be much harder to shake your hands in the water than on the ground.

3. Excessive oil in the mixing bucket loader can easily cause oil leakage and oil burning. Therefore, the oil should be added to a certain type of oil that meets the model and the driving environment according to the standard. Do not make mistakes, which will make you reduce Unnecessary loss. Discharging 0.7 cubic meters, 1 cubic meter and 2 cubic meters at a time, mixing a tank for one hour every 5 minutes produces about 16 cubic meters. This equipment is a national new product, suitable for the construction of new rural areas, towns, road construction, etc., suitable for use in areas with complex road conditions such as Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Tibet, saving time and effort, and recovering costs quickly. Save other various equipment. Welcome to visit the factory, “can be customized according to your requirements”

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