The innovation of smelting and casting technology on the upper frame

The top frame of the 15065 is one of them.

Before designing the top frame technology, we have completed the casting process of a number of similar products and put them into production. Through actual production, many problems were discovered, mainly:

①A lot of manpower, material resources and time are needed in modeling technology.

The original process is conducive to reducing the cost of model making, and is conducive to ensuring the coaxiality of the inner and outer contours of the casting. However, in the modeling process, it takes a lot of preparation and welding time, a lot of square steel and manpower to make the tire core.

② Too much model live material increases the difficulty of model management, and it is easy to find the phenomenon of no model live material on site; too much model live material can also easily lead to the size problem of the casting.

③ Considering the sequential solidification, the spindle groove of the inner cavity of the casting is usually cast to die. According to the drawings, these grooves are all cast surfaces. Casting them out and then processing them will increase the processing time and cost.

2 implementation process

2.1 Product introduction

The top upper rack is located between the upper rack and the upper bracket (1), and plays a key role in supporting the upper and lower parts. This piece is made of low carbon steel, weighs 13t, and has an outline size of 4267mm×4267mm×711.2mm. NDT testing requirements:

①MPI inspection of the entire casting; UT inspection of all processing surfaces, risers and runner areas; ③External and internal 1/3 wall thickness, center 1/3 wall thickness of the casting (placement and adjustment of the cast iron platform) Carry out UT detection, the grades are 2 and 3 respectively.

2.2 Process plan

2.2.1 Traditional solution

The main feature of the upper frame structure on the top is the upper and lower flanges and the wide ties in the middle of the flanges. For castings of this structural shape, the general approach is that the upper flange surface is the parting surface and the lower flange is the active material. Judging from the shapes of these castings, this solution has the following problems:

①The lower flange is made of live material. It is difficult to ensure the ideal joint of the flange live material when modeling. There are many live materials and the live materials are often shifted. Welding and gouging are required to ensure that the size of the casting meets the requirements; ②The next method The thickness of the flange is 200mm, and it is made into active material. The active material is thick and difficult to mold. From the similar active material on the upper frame, this circle of active material takes several hours; ③The above two problems are contradictory and cannot be taken into account. In order to make the mold easy, it is necessary to divide the live material into smaller pieces, but the small live material will bring more rulers.

2.5 Transformation of the monitoring system

The working voltage and current signals of all pump motors are led to the duty room, from which the operation of the pump can be monitored intuitively. The water pressure signal is equipped with an over-limit alarm function to remind the operator to take necessary measures.

3 conclusion

The transformation of this project is based on the original design, with the smallest investment and the most reliable plan, to ensure the reliable operation of the circulating water system of the EAF electric arc furnace, and effectively avoid the risk of water cut-off accidents in the electric furnace. The project has been verified by the operation during the production period, and the operation of the water pump electric control equipment has reached the standard required by the original project, which can be used as an experience to promote and learn from: 3.1 cancel CM1

The traditional control function of the circuit breaker cancels the trip position and function of the circuit breaker to ensure the normal switching of the two circuit breakers.

3.2 The original “one main and one standby” water pump was changed to “mutual standby” to reduce the frequency of motor switching and avoid electrical accidents.

3.3 The “one use and one backup” of the system was changed to “two use and one backup”, which solved the problems in the control system. Whether the two running water pumps have electrical or mechanical problems, the system has water, which increases the system’s reliability.

3.4 Add an emergency security system to ensure that the generator can be quickly and automatically turned on after a power failure in the power grid to drive the emergency water pump, thereby ensuring the security of the circulating water system and avoiding accidents due to water cuts in the electric furnace.

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