The influence of the design form of mine vibrating screen on the screening effect of materials

Mine vibrating screens are commonly used screening equipment in mining, metallurgy, chemical and other industries. According to the different purposes of users and the characteristics of materials, the vibrating screens are designed in different forms, such as single-shaft, double-shaft, upper Vibration type, side vibration type, etc. Here we analyze the influence of different installation methods on the material screening effect, and help users choose the appropriate model when choosing.

According to the design form, the mine vibrating screen can be designed into single shaft, double shaft, single shaft eccentric vibration exciter, circular motion inertial vibrating screen and custom vibrating screen mostly use this type of vibration exciter. The double-shaft forced self-synchronizing box-type vibration exciter has been widely used in large-scale cold and hot ore screens with external transmission. The key issue in the design process of the exciter is to have a large exciting force, the base or flange must be fixed firmly, and there should be no looseness during work, and the lubrication and heating problems of the exciter are also very prominent. , Because about half of the power of the drive motor will be consumed at the bearing. Reasonable and timely proper lubrication and improving the heat dissipation conditions at the bearing are of great significance.

The bearing of the vibration exciter always bears larger radial force, which is much larger than the radial load of the bearing in the ordinary transmission gearbox. The bearing life in the vibrating machine is guaranteed to be more than 10,000-20000 hours according to the operating rate of the vibrating machine . The dual-shaft mine vibrating screen uses two motors with the same parameters to drive two sets of two shafts, without any synchronization transmission and connection device. At the moment of synchronization, the two motors drive the two sets of eccentric blocks through two concentric shafts to automatically form synchronization. Rotation is commonly used in the screening of coal and large-particle ore. Generally speaking, the single-shaft vibrating screen is arranged in a single layer, and its processing capacity is generally not large. The exciting force generated by an eccentric block is sufficient for the screening of materials, while ensuring the screening accuracy. The dual-shaft mine vibrating screen is generally double-layer or multi-layer design, which is suitable for ore screening with a large proportion of materials. Due to the large proportion of materials, it is necessary to ensure that the jump height of the materials on the screen surface is large enough. Therefore, the dual-axis design is adopted to ensure the processing capacity and screening accuracy.

The dual-shaft mine vibrating screen uses the self-synchronization principle of vibration to replace the gear transmission in the forced synchronization linear vibrating screen, which simplifies the structure of the transmission part. It is possible to reduce the vertical and horizontal resonance amplitudes when starting and stopping through the resonance zone, but in some self-synchronizing vibrating screens, the swing vibration amplitude when passing through the resonance zone sometimes increases significantly. Two-axis eccentric high-efficiency mine vibrating screen consists of a discharge port, a three-layer screen, a screen frame, a bearing shaft, a spring, a driving shaft, an eccentric wheel, a transmission belt, a motor, a power wheel, a supporting screen, a funnel, a base, a column, The discharging hopper is composed. The three layers of screens are respectively installed on the screen frame, the eccentric wheel is installed on the driving shaft, the driving shaft is installed on the screen frame, one end of the transmission belt is installed on the eccentric wheel, and the other end is installed on the power wheel. The power wheel is connected to the motor. The load-bearing shaft is installed on the screen frame, the lower end of the load-bearing shaft is equipped with a spring, which is connected with the column, and the lower end of the three-layer mine vibrating screen is provided with a discharge port and a discharge hopper. The product has a simple structure and reasonable design. When a dual-axis design is used for screening, the vibration is large, the vibration is balanced, there is no dead corner in the screening, the screening effect is good, the screened object is not easy to get stuck on the screen, and the production efficiency is high.

The dual-shaft mine vibrating screen driven by dual motors can operate synchronously with a certain phase angle difference and constant speed, and there must be a unique center of force. When the center of force coincides with the center of mass of the vibrating mass, the kinetic energy includes the moving kinetic energy of the vibrating mass, the swinging kinetic energy around the center of mass, and the rotational kinetic energy of the exciting mass during the system movement of the vibrating screen. According to the theory of the center of force of the mine vibrating screen, when the center of force and the center of mass coincide, the circular motion trajectory can be realized by adopting this excitation method.

Due to the elliptical movement and the characteristics of circular movement, it can avoid the adhesion of fine-grained materials to block the screen and improve the screening effect; and the horizontal arrangement of the vibrator reduces the height of the screen and reduces the vibration quality. In addition, the external synchronous gearbox, the dual-motor drive and the flexible coupling shafts between the transmission shafts make the structure novel; and the gearbox and the motor do not participate in vibration, so the rigidity of the whole machine is improved. In large-scale mining vibrating screens, in order to reduce the bearing load, simplify the structure of the vibrator, reduce the noise of the equipment, and improve the performance and screening effect of the vibrating screen, it is better to adopt dual-shaft co-rotating self-synchronous excitation choose.

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