The importance of diaphragm quality in diaphragm dispensing valves

DiaphragmDispensing valveIt is suitable for medium and low viscosity fluids, and can achieve precision operations of points and lines that exceed the accuracy of micro-upgrades. The diaphragm at the bottom of the diaphragm dispensing valve plays a sealing role to prevent the leakage of the glue, which can ensure the quality and stability of the dispensing, and it can separate the flowing liquid from the built-in components. Most valves will have a built-in protective film for sealing reinforcement, so the quality of the diaphragm plays an important role in the quality of the diaphragm dispensing valve.

Diaphragm dispensing valves suitable for low-viscosity fluid control are mostly embodied in the built-in diaphragm, which separates the parts in contact with the fluid. Therefore, it is suitable for fluids such as chemicals, UV glue, coatings, and solvents. The diaphragm usually used is Made of elastic, corrosion-resistant and non-permeable materials such as plastic and rubber. The rubber valve is mostly made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, ceramic or metal materials.

Taikang TS5420DMP diaphragmDispensing valveIt is a disposable material path diaphragm valve, because it can easily replace the entire liquid wetting area in a few seconds. The dispensing valve is always maintained on the production line, so the TS5420DMP diaphragm dispensing valve can dispense difficult fluids such as instant glue and pre-mixed two-component epoxy resin without frequent cleaning.

Taikang TS5420DMP diaphragmDispensing valveThe liquid contact parts are made of black polyethylene to prevent moisture and ultraviolet light from entering and contacting the fluid to be dispensed. Therefore, it can reliably and accurately dispense moisture-sensitive liquids such as instant adhesives and UV-curable adhesives.

Taikang TS5420DMP diaphragmDispensing valveThe non-leak valve design can provide excellent moisture resistance, while the diaphragm establishes an isolation barrier between the fluid component and the cylinder. The internal spring return position enables the valve to work well with the TECHCON dispensing equipment controller. The short stroke design of the spool makes the valve switch response very fast.

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