The elimination of energy-intensive enterprises and products is imperative!

The rapid and continuous development of my country’s industry has also caused the consumption of lighting power to increase year by year. How to improve energy-intensive industries, save energy and reduce emissions, and establish a sustainable development business philosophy is urgent.

The contradiction between power supply and demand has become more and more prominent. The lack of energy has severely restricted the development of all walks of life, including industry. Energy conservation has become a long-term strategic policy of our country. Lighting energy-saving design has become a must for every electrical designer. Questions to consider.

1. Current status of power supply and demand

my country’s annual electricity consumption for lighting accounts for about 12% of the total power generation, and it is mainly low-efficiency lighting, which has great potential for energy saving. Energy-saving lamps account for only a small share of lighting electric light sources in my country. Since the reform and opening up, urban construction has developed rapidly, new buildings have continued to rise, energy consumption has risen year by year, and the level of lighting power consumption has also increased year by year. The demand for load and electricity, if no explicit electricity saving measures are taken, it will inevitably result in a considerable electricity shortage. Therefore, energy saving in industrial lighting is imperative.

2. The main characteristics of my country’s power supply and demand

(1) The power supply and demand situation has been significantly eased. As a large number of power projects have been completed and put into operation, the power supply capacity has been significantly enhanced, the supply and demand situation has been significantly eased, the power gap has been significantly reduced, the range of power shortages has been significantly reduced, the degree of power shortage has been significantly reduced, and the number of power curtailments has been less than 4 of the previous year. %, the regional and time period characteristics are obvious. The country’s largest power gap is about 11 million kilowatts (appearing in August)

(2) Industrial electricity is still the most important driving force for the growth of electricity. The year-on-year growth rate of industrial power consumption is still higher than that of the entire society, and the growth rate of power consumption in heavy industry is also significantly higher than that of light industry.

(3) The speed of power construction is amazing. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, it took 38 years for the installed power generation capacity to reach 100 million kilowatts. In 2006, the country’s newly installed power generation capacity exceeded 100 million kilowatts, and the speed of development was quite astonishing.

(4) Unreasonable power structure has increased. It can be seen from the above that in recent years, due to the serious shortage of power load across the country, many cities have seen the situation of switching off the power supply, which has attracted great attention from the state and governments at all levels. The document puts energy conservation and consumption reduction work on the agenda. In view of the fact that urban road lighting occupies a certain proportion of electricity consumption, energy-saving work is more prominent.

3. Analysis of the energy-saving potential of industrial lighting

The energy-saving potential of industrial lighting mainly includes the potential of electric light sources, the potential of ballast appliances and sensor monitors, the potential of lamps and the potential of operation management. High-efficiency light source is the primary factor of lighting energy saving, we must pay attention to the promotion and application of high-efficiency light source. According to different application site conditions, there are at least three types of high-efficiency light sources that should be promoted and used. The first category is high-intensity gas discharge lamps represented by high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps, which are suitable for tall industrial plants, stadiums, roads, squares, outdoor work places, etc. This kind of place has a wide range, and the energy-saving effect of using more light sources is the most significant. The second category is a straight tube fluorescent lamp, suitable for low indoor places. The third category is based on compact fluorescent lamps, instead of incandescent lamps, suitable for family residences, hotels, restaurants, halls, corridors and other places.

Efficient lighting equipment is an important basis for lighting energy saving, but lighting equipment is not only a light source, the light source is the primary factor, which has been recognized by people, but not the only one. The efficiency of lamps and electrical accessories (such as ballasts) has an impact on lighting energy saving It cannot be ignored. For example, a lamp with a diffuser cover or a straight tube fluorescent lamp with a grille. The efficiency of high-efficiency and high-quality industrial lighting products can be 50% or even 100% higher than that of low-quality products. Its energy saving effect.

In a word, backward industries will definitely be rectified and improved. Only by following the progress of the times, letting companies get out of the traditional business philosophy and follow the path supported by national policies, the market will definitely return to you.

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