The difference between explosion-proof motors and ordinary motors

Explosion-proof motor is a kind of motor that can be used in flammable and explosive places, and it does not generate electric sparks during operation. Explosion-proof motors are mainly used in coal mines, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. In addition, it is also widely used in sectors such as textiles, metallurgy, urban gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, papermaking, and medicine. As the main power equipment, explosion-proof motors are usually used to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other transmission machinery.
Ordinary motor refers to an electromagnetic device that realizes the conversion or transmission of electric energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction.

1. The explosion-proof motor adopts brushless excitation, equipped with a rotating rectifier disk and a static excitation cabinet, and the excitation control system is reliable; the forward polarity slip excitation is accurate and has no impact; the excitation system has reliable out-of-step protection and strong re-stepping ability; circuit design Reasonable, the discharge resistance does not generate heat during work; the excitation current has a wide adjustment range.
2. Synchronous machine, AC exciter and rotating rectifier disc are coaxial. The rectifier disk is located between the main motor and the exciter or outside the bearing seat.
3. To meet the requirements of increased-safety explosion-proof motors, a series of reliable measures to prevent sparks, arcs and dangerous high temperatures are adopted, and it can be safely operated in explosion hazard areas in Zone 2.
4. The protection level of the explosion-proof motor shell is IP55.
5. The explosion-proof motor adopts class F insulation, and the temperature rise is assessed according to class B. Common motors cannot meet this requirement.
6. The explosion-proof motor changes the traditional lower water cooling to upper water cooling, that is, the water cooler is placed on the upper part of the motor.
7. An increased-safety moisture-proof heater is installed, which is fixed in the cover at the bottom of the motor, and is used for heating and moisture-proof when the machine is shut down.
8. Choose high-quality raw materials and leave a large margin for electrical and mechanical calculations, which can meet the temperature requirements of operational reliability and increased safety motors.
9. The explosion-proof motor is equipped with complete monitoring measures; the main junction box is equipped with an increased-safety self-balancing current transformer for differential protection; the stator winding is buried in work and spare platinum thermal resistance, the graduation number is Pt100; water leakage is provided The monitor monitors the leakage of the water cooler; the two ends of the seat-type sliding bearing are respectively equipped with an on-site temperature display instrument and a remote signal terminal.
10. The end cover of the explosion-proof motor adopts recessed dark bolts, and the slot is 5 times deeper than the ordinary motor (asbestos pad is required as required), mainly to prevent the internal winding from being burned, the spark will not go along the gap Fleeing.
11. In addition to the excellent sealing structure of the explosion-proof motor junction box, the internal lead wire of the motor winding is also sealed to the terminal, and in order to reduce the spark generation, only three ends are generally drawn (usually 6 with connecting piece).
12. The external power inlet of the explosion-proof motor junction box is extended more than ten centimeters, movably connected, with airtight flame-retardant tubular threaded connections at both ends, which can connect explosion-proof threaded steel pipes flexibly and reliably, so that the motor can be connected to the input power source. All lines meet the requirements of enclosed fire protection;
13. For the cooling fan at the end of the explosion-proof motor, in order to prevent the wind blade from rubbing against the wind shield, the outer edge of the wind blade is far away from the wind deflector, and the wind blade is made of plastic.
14. Of course, due to the special structure and material of explosion-proof motors, the price of explosion-proof motors will be much more expensive than ordinary motors.

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