The difference between cuff type shrink packaging machine 6030A and 6030AH

What is the difference between 6030A and 6030AH, the official decryption!

First of all, the 6030 series cuff shrink packaging machine is a fully automatic packaging machine for PE film independently developed and manufactured by Suzhou Shengbaiwei.

The two 6030 series are also designed with side feeding, using pneumatic cylinders to drive the pusher, which plays a role in stacking and sorting while conveying products. The side-entry cuffs of these two models are also suitable for the plastic packaging of beverages such as beer, milk, etc., but[emphasis]ST-6030A is more suitable for packaging beverages with a bottom or items with an outer box. This is also the case The model differs from its 6030AH series with a recognition point.

Let’s talk about the 6030AH. With a whole row of lanes, it can arrange items neatly and not messily. This device is handy for bottled and canned beverage packaging without bottom support.

The ST6030 series can realize the adjustable product size, and the sealing knife adopts a three-piece structure. The advantage of this design is that the sealing cut is very firm and not easy to crack.

Let’s talk about this shrinking furnace, SM6040 and SM6040M, both have the excellent pedigree of stainless steel heating tube, equipped with two high-power air transport motors, the shrinking furnace heats up rapidly, the air volume is relatively large, and the balanced and stable air transport allows the packaging to be heated evenly, and the effect is The integrity is stronger. The rollers in the furnace are all solid cast, and the outside of the rollers are treated with wrapped high-temperature resistant silica gel. All of this arrangement is to be able to withstand heavier items without deformation and smooth transportation.

So is there no difference between SM6040 and 6040M? of course not! SM6040M conveyor rollers are denser than 6040. The advantage of dense rollers is that the packaging runs more smoothly, and there is no working pressure when transporting smaller items.

When choosing a fully automatic cuff machine, you must decide according to your own needs. If you need to pack large items, then there is no need to choose the 6030AH with the entire row of lanes and encryption rollers, a ST-6030A+SM- 6040 can provoke all tasks.

The right is the best!

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