The difference between closed commutator and start commutator

There is a big difference in structure between the closed commutator and the start commutator in the commutator: 1. The application of the closed commutator heat meter standard device system. The standard device of the heat energy meter adopts a closed commutator, which is composed of a temperature-controlled water tank, a water pump, a test pipeline, a flow meter, a commutator, a weighing device, a control device, and a heating system. 2. The application of open commutator The general liquid flow standard device uses an open commutator. The open commutator is composed of a water inlet pipe, a nozzle, a deflector, a rotating shaft, a baffle, etc. The closed commutator and the open commutator The working principle of the type commutator is to use mechanical parts to change the direction of liquid flow, but due to their different structures, they are used in different devices.

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