The development of the plastics machinery industry enters the fast lane with promising prospects

In addition, if the country can regard plastic machinery as the basic machinery of the industry (plastic machinery processing polymer materials, machine tool processing metal materials), as an important part of the national equipment industry, it will give advanced plastic machinery the same as CNC machine tools. Special support and preferential policies to promote the plastic machinery industry to play a more obvious leverage role and make greater contributions to the development of my country’s equipment industry.

To this end, Su Dongping suggested that if the national finance can give China’s plastic machinery industry 300-500 million yuan of special support each year, it will be used to encourage enterprises to innovate and actively develop energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products. According to the corresponding standards established by the country, a 10% subsidy of the sales price of advanced plastic molding machinery products is provided; in view of the rapid development of the plastic machine industry, the depreciation period of enterprise equipment is changed from 10 years to 5 years, 8 years or 10 years , The specific number of years is selected by the company according to the actual situation, which can increase the enthusiasm of the company to speed up equipment transformation and promote the upgrading of industry products; increase financial support for scientific research common to the industry; promote the first set of advanced equipment to users When in use, support 30% insurance premium; strongly support exportable high-end plastic machine products; for products that have been technologically advanced in the world, such as electromagnetic dynamic molding equipment that has been developed and put into industrial production, its technical level can be seen , Provide export market expansion fund to enable it to seize the international market as soon as possible.

  Increase investment in technology

In addition, it is necessary to guide enterprises to do a good job in market positioning, in-depth research on the determined market; use international advanced design methods to provide equipment that meets market needs. Government management agencies or national industry organizations should establish a relatively complete information collection, statistics, evaluation and dissemination system, and publish relevant data statistics and market conditions in the industry. The content may involve industry development status, industry warnings, and industry needs to pay attention. The problems that need to be developed, the equipment to be developed, the problems to be solved, etc., so as to provide a basis for corporate decision-making.

According to the current status of the industry, continue to encourage enterprises to obtain high-tech through joint ventures, cooperation, license transfers, etc., but to prevent foreign capital from taking advantage of joint ventures to swallow domestic-funded enterprises; formulate corresponding policies to encourage enterprises to increase technology and product development Investment, focusing on supporting the independent research and development of high-efficiency and energy-saving plastic injection molding machines, lightweight technology and equipment for plastic products, and high-efficiency and low-polluting plastic recycling technologies and equipment; encourage enterprises to apply for enterprise technology centers at all levels and cooperate with scientific research units to establish Plastic machinery research and development institutions actively use government innovation funds to improve the independent development and innovation capabilities of domestic enterprises.

 Strengthen talent training

To improve the competitiveness of the plastic machinery industry, it is important to strengthen personnel training. For this reason, it is particularly important to attract senior management and engineering talents suitable for the development of the industry. It is also essential to train in-service personnel and update the knowledge structure.

For this reason, Su Dongping suggested that companies should organize organized participation in targeted training and seminars organized by industry management departments or national industry organizations, and everyone sits together to learn and study the latest international press technology, and grasp the development of the industry. What’s new. Only by learning from each other’s strengths and narrowing the gap with the international advanced level as soon as possible can China’s plastics machinery industry truly realize its goal of moving from a big country to a powerful one.


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