The classification of imported check valves and how to select them

The classification of imported check valves and how to select them

The function of the inlet check valve is to only allow the medium to flow in one direction and prevent the flow in one direction. Usually this kind of valve works automatically. Under the action of the fluid pressure flowing in one direction, the valve flap opens; when the fluid flows in the opposite direction, the fluid pressure and the self-coincidence of the valve flap act on the valve seat, thereby cutting off the flow.

Check valves include swing check valves and lift check valves.

The imported swing check valve has a hinge mechanism and a valve clack like a door that rests on the inclined valve seat surface. In order to ensure that the valve clack can reach the proper position of the valve seat surface every time, the valve clack is designed in a hinge mechanism so that the valve clack has enough space for rotation and makes the valve clack truly and comprehensively contact the valve seat. The valve clack can be made of metal, or it can be inlaid with leather, rubber, or synthetic covering, depending on the performance requirements. When the swing check valve is fully opened, the fluid pressure is almost unimpeded, so the pressure drop through the valve is relatively small.

The disc of the imported lift check valve is seated on the sealing surface of the valve seat on the valve body. Except that the disc can be lifted and lowered, the rest of the valve is the same as a shut-off valve. The fluid pressure lifts the disc from the sealing surface of the valve seat, and the backflow of the medium causes the disc to fall back to the seat and cut off the flow. According to the conditions of use, the valve disc can be an all-metal structure, or it can be in the form of a rubber pad or a rubber ring inlaid on the valve disc frame. Like a shut-off valve, the passage of fluid through the lift check valve is also narrow, so the pressure drop through the lift check valve is larger than that of the swing check valve, and the flow rate of the swing check valve is restricted. rare.

How to choose to prevent the backflow valve media This type of valve is the role of the media to only allow flow in one direction, but also to prevent the direction of flow. Normally this valve works automatically, in a direction of fluid flow under pressure , the valve opens; the opposite direction of fluid flow, fluid pressure and valve from the self-overlap effect on the valve seat, thereby cutting off flow. Which belongs to this type of check valve valve, which includes the swing check valve and lift check valves. Swing check valve with ordinary hinge, there is a door the same as freedom against the valve seat surface tilt. To ensure that every time the valve seat surface to reach the appropriate position, the valve flap hinge design, the valve has to have enough swing space, and a real disc, full with the valve seat. Valve can all be made ??of metal, can also be embedded in the metal on leather, rubber, or synthetic cover, depending on performance requirements. Swing check valve in the fully open position, the fluid pressure is almost free of obstruction, so the pressure drop through the valve is relatively small. Valve lift check valve located in the valve body seat sealing surface. In addition to this valve is free to lift the valve, the valve the same as the rest, the fluid pressure to the valve lift from the valve seat sealing surface, return media led down to the valve seat, and cut off the flow. Depending on conditions, the valve can be all metal construction, it can be rack mounted in the valve rubber or rubber ring form. The same as the cut-off valve, lift check valve fluid through the channel is narrow, so by the lift check valve pressure drop than the swing check valve bigger, and swing check valve flow restrictions very little.

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