The characteristics of shrink film in the domestic market

The application of shrink film in the domestic market mainly exhibits the following characteristics:

1. It has been widely used in fast food, ceramic products, tea sets, mechanical parts and other fields;

2. The method of applying heat shrinkable film and vapor phase anti-rust technology to replace anti-rust oil in ** machinery and hardware tools to enhance the anti-rust ability is of great significance;

3. Shrink film is also the protector of construction and transportation materials. It is suitable for packaging of multiple products and packaging with pallets, which is convenient for transportation and sales, easy to realize mechanization, save labor and material resources, and can partially replace carton and wooden box packaging;

4. It is used for various PET bottled beer and beverage labels, which can reduce the process of removing labels and facilitate recycling and reuse;

5. Used for bottled beer instead of strapping packaging to prevent bottled beer from hurting people.

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