The characteristics of CNC machining process and the steps of CNC machining parts

CNCThe CNC machining process also obeys the laws of machining and cutting, which is roughly the same as the machining process of ordinary machine tools. Because it is an automated processing that applies computer control technology to mechanical processing, it has the characteristics of high processing efficiency and high precision. The processing technology has its own unique features, the process is more complicated, and the work step arrangement is more detailed and thorough.

CNCThe CNC machining process includes the selection of cutting tools, the determination of cutting parameters, and the design of cutting process routes.CNCNumerical control processing technology is the foundation and core of numerical control programming. Only with reasonable technology can we compile high-efficiency and high-quality numerical control programs. The criteria for measuring the quality of a CNC program are: the smallest processing time, the smallest tool loss, and the best results.

The CNC machining process is a part of the overall processing technology of the workpiece, even a process. It must cooperate with other front and back processes to finally meet the assembly requirements of the overall machine or mold, so that qualified parts can be processed.

The CNC machining process is generally divided into rough machining, medium and rough corner clearing, semi-finishing and finishing.

CNCCNC programming

Numerical control programming is the whole process from part drawing to obtaining numerical control processing program.Its main task is to calculate the tool position points in the machining pass(cutter location pointAbbreviationCLpoint). The tool position point is generally taken as the intersection of the tool axis and the tool surface, and the tool axis vector is also given in multi-axis machining.

According to the requirements of the workpiece pattern and the processing process, the CNC machine tool operates the movement, speed and sequence of actions, spindle speed, spindle rotation direction, tool head clamping, tool head loosening and cooling of the used tools and various components to operate. The prescribed numerical control code form is compiled into a program list and input into the special computer of the machine tool. Then, the numerical control system performs compilation, calculation and logic processing according to the input instructions, and outputs various signals and instructions, and controls each part to process various workpieces of different shapes according to the prescribed displacement and sequential actions. Therefore, the programming of the program has a great influence on the effectiveness of CNC machine tools.

The CNC machine tool must input the instruction codes representing various functions into the CNC device in the form of a program, and the CNC device performs arithmetic processing, and then sends out pulse signals to control the operation of the various moving parts of the CNC machine tool to complete the cutting process of the parts.

There are currently two standards for CNC programs: the International Organization for StandardizationISOAnd the American Electronics Industry country adoptsISOCode.

With the advancement of technology,3DIn general, manual programming is rarely used in CNC programming, and commercializedCAD/CAMsoftware.

CAD/CAMIt is the core of the computer-aided programming system, the main function is data input/Output, calculation and editing of processing trajectory, process parameter setting, processing simulation, CNC program post-processing and data management, etc.

At present, in our country, the software with powerful CNC programming function that is very popular among users includesMastercam,UG,Cimatron,PowerMILL,CAXAWait. The principles of NC programming, graphics processing methods, and processing methods are similar for each software, but each has its own characteristics.

CNCSteps of CNC machining parts

1Analyze the part drawing to understand the general situation of the workpiece(Geometry, workpiece material, process requirements, etc.)

2, Determine the CNC machining process of the part(Processing content, processing route)

3, Perform the necessary numerical calculations(Coordinate calculation of base point and node)

4, Write a program list(Different machine tools will be different, follow the manual)

5, Program verification(Enter the program into the machine tool and perform graphic simulation to verify that the programming is correct)

6, Processing the workpiece(Good process control can save time and improve processing quality)

7, Workpiece acceptance and quality error analysis(The workpiece is inspected and qualified to flow into the next one.If unqualified, find out the cause of the error and corrective method through quality analysis).

a. Process adaptive control technology

b. Intelligent optimization and selection of processing parameters

c. Intelligent fault self-diagnosis and self-repair technology

d. Intelligent fault playback and fault simulation technology

e. Intelligent AC servo drive device

f. intelligent4MNumerical control system: in the manufacturing process, the four components of measurement, modeling, processing, and machine operation(which is4M)Integrated in one system.

5. Open system

a. Open to future technology: As the software and hardware interfaces follow the recognized standard protocol, it can adopt, absorb and be compatible with a new generation of general-purpose software and hardware.

b. Open to users’ special requirements: update products, expand functions, and provide various combinations of hardware and software products to meet special application requirements

c. The establishment of numerical control standards: standardized programming languages ​​are not only convenient for users to use, but also reduce labor consumption directly related to operating efficiency.

6. Drive parallelization

It can realize multiple functions of multi-coordinate NC machining, assembly and measurement, and can better meet the processing of complex special parts. Parallel machine tools are considered to beThe most meaningful progress in the machine tool industry since the invention of CNC technologywith“twenty oneCentury’s new generation of CNC machining equipment.

7. Extreme(Enlargement and miniaturization)

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