The characteristics and classification of different types of vibration motors

The advantages of vibrating motor in casting production practice have gradually expanded its use range, and its types and varieties have also increased day by day. For example, the use of vibration aging methods for castings can achieve the purpose of eliminating internal stress. With the increasing number of vibration motors in the casting production, substitutes and equipment for testing and debugging vibration motors, such as various types of vibrometers, electromagnetic oscilloscopes (vibrators), and vibration test benches have also been applied.

In order to understand and grasp the commonalities and characteristics of various types of vibration motors, further research and trial production of various vibration motors, correctly and reasonably design, manufacture and use of vibration motors, it is necessary to classify it, of course, this classification cannot be limited to casting. The narrow range of production.

Classified by work style and purpose

① Feeding and conveying vibration motor: a vibration motor that relies on the movement of the material along the working surface of the tank to complete a certain job, such as a vibration feeder, a vibration conveyor, a vibration elevator, a vibration cooler, a vibration dryer, and a vibration furnace Rows, vibrating sorter, vibrating screen, resonant screen, vibrating centrifuge, vibrating hopper, etc. The vibration motors of this type of vibration machine have the most types and varieties, and they are also the most widely used.

②Crushing and grinding type vibrator: that is, machinery that uses vibration to achieve crushing, grinding, peeling, etc., such as vibrating shaker, vibrating cleaner, vibrating grinder, vibrating polisher and other vibration motors.

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