The automatic cement block machine does not require manual cloth for the board

The automatic block machine equipment is an automatic hydraulic cement block machine equipment newly developed by Henan Fuheng Heavy Industry after years of new research and development. The cement block machine can produce various types and specifications of cement blocks with holes and without holes, plum blossoms , Columns, supports and horse stools, etc., the new cement block machine does not need to manually fabricate the board. Mainly used for cast-in-place buildings, roads, railways, bridges and ancient buildings, bridge block machines, high-speed rail block machines, concrete block machines, fully automatic cement block machines. The equipment is reasonably designed and has a small footprint. It produces cement The cushion block has the advantages of neat shape, high precision, fast production speed, and dozens of products can be produced by changing the mold. It is the most advanced cement block machine in the industry. The main technical characteristics of the fully automatic cement block machine: 1. Reasonable design, compact structure, realizing directional vibration, frequency conversion braking, and immediately canceling energy consumption, without manual feeding of the board, which greatly reduces labor intensity; 2. Up and down pressure, strong Vibration is especially suitable for the production of high-strength cushion blocks, which can be stacked after forming; 3. One machine for multiple purposes, with different molds to produce concrete cushion blocks such as stirrups, shear wall inner supports, steel protective layer cushions, plum blossoms Shapes, round cakes, etc. Road tiles such as: colored pavement bricks, lawn bricks, hollow blocks, porous bricks, curb stones, road pavement bricks produced have the characteristics of good water permeability, simple laying, and convenient update.

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