The advantages of the Xinjiang HVAC exhibition platform are fully demonstrated, and the 18-year exhibition sets sail!

Jointly sponsored by the Electric Heating Professional Committee of China Building Materials Circulation Association, Heat Pump Professional Committee of China Energy Conservation Association, Xinjiang Beizhan Oriental Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., and supported by Xinjiang Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, Xinjiang Urban Heating Association, Xinjiang Urban Heating AssociationThe “Belt and Road” Xinjiang HVAC Exhibition came to a successful conclusion in Urumqi in March and Changji in August. The two exhibitions totaled 48,000 visitors and attracted more than 600 companies from across the country to participate. The exhibition area reached 50,000 square meters, and the intention was reached. The turnover was RMB 500 million.

The reporter interviewed the person in charge of Zhejiang Zhengli Bioenergy Technology Co., Ltd., who affirmed the exhibition and said:“The Xinjiang government vigorously promotes clean heating and electric heating, and the promulgation of the “Electrification Xinjiang” policy. The construction investment of 181 billion has given us confidence in opening up the Xinjiang market. During the exhibition, our air energy products have received extensive attention and attention from relevant departments in Xinjiang. Approved, more than ten purchasing groups including Changji Prefecture Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, Urumqi Thermal Power Corporation, Xinjiang Guanghui Thermal Power Co., Ltd., etc., came to our booth to learn more about the products. Many interested customers were contacted on site, and there are also some projects under construction. During active discussions with us, the Xinjiang HVAC Expo has brought us practical benefits and provided us with an important platform for exploring the Northwest market.”

Anhui Anze Electric, Gree, Beijing Dazheng Yongye and other companies directly book on siteIn 2018, there will be hundreds of square meters of booths. The person in charge of Beijing Dazheng Yongye told reporters, “Xinjiang HVAC Expo is very strong in organizing exhibitions. Previously, I saw relevant reports on Xinjiang HVAC Expo in CCTV and major online media. The coverage of the publicity was very wide, and the peer reviews were also very good. High, our company is optimistic about the Xinjiang market, which strengthens our determination to develop the Xinjiang market. The exhibition will have better results next year.”

In 2017, the two exhibitions attracted 120 visiting purchasing groups, 8000 “point-to-point” customers, and 30,000 professional visitors came to the site to visit and purchase. The main audience covers the city, county (city area) government, economic and information, development and reform, housing and urban-rural construction bureaus, relevant industry organizations of various industries in the provinces and cities, colleges and universities, new building materials industry, HVAC heating inside and outside the province, and at home and abroad Technology integration, project research, construction units, real estate, construction companies, survey design and research, building materials R&D and manufacturing, decoration and decoration and other related companies, energy-saving product manufacturers, and Central Asia visiting and purchasing groups.

A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Sheng Yu, project manager of Xinjiang HVAC Exhibition, she saidIn 2018, the scale of the exhibition will be even larger. The exhibition area is expected to reach 30,000 square meters. Up to now, 40% of the exhibition booths have been sold, and the willingness of enterprises to participate in the exhibition is high. Next year, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Government leaders such as the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will attend. During the same period, there will be an increase in the Clean Heating in Northern China-Xinjiang Summit. The exhibition specifications have been greatly improved, and the audience organization has become wider. Companies that want to sign up must hurry up.

Xinjiang HVAC Exhibition Organizing Committee

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