The 18th Yiwu Fair Machinery Industry Exhibition-Fasteners, Springs and Special Equipment Exhibition Area

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The 18th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair

The 18th Yiwu Fair Machinery Industry ExhibitionFasteners, springs and special equipmentExhibition area


Time: October 21-23, 2012 Venue: China~Yiwu Meihu Convention and Exhibition Center

◆》》》Strong organizational unit

organizer:Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of ChinaChina Council for the Promotion of International TradeChina National Light Industry CouncilUnion

China Chamber of CommercePeople’s Government of Zhejiang Province

Support Units:All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

Hong Kong Trade Development Council Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Corporation

co-organiser:Zhejiang Fastener Industry Association

organizer:Zhejiang Provincial Department of CommerceYiwu Municipal People’s Government

Exhibition execution:Hangzhou Chuangjie Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Co-organizer (sponsor) unit: enthusiastically recruiting,Jointly build a brand-name product strategy(For more information, please call or write to obtain)

◆》》》Exhibition Overview

NS18The China International Commodities Fair (abbreviation: Yiwu Fair) isInternational exhibitions approved by the State Council,YesGlobal International Exhibition Alliance (UFI)recognizecertificateAnd recommended brand exhibitions.2011Yiwu FairThe exhibition industry has been optimized and adjusted,Set up Yiwu Meihu Convention and Exhibition Center as a special pavilion for mechanical equipment, electromechanical equipment and general parts, sharing the resources of merchants purchasing from upstream and downstream.Machinery Industry Exhibition is the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” periodYiwu Municipal People’s GovernmentThe key training exhibition has built a rare international exchange platform. Relying on Yiwu’s strong market radiation, unique merchant groups and circulation network, and the advantages of densely developed manufacturing and sales markets in the surrounding areas, we will provide the manufacturing industry with the most sophisticated new technologies, new products, and new equipment! Make every effort to create a branded industry event with “government-sponsored authority, extensive exhibitors, and international influence of the exhibition”.

◆》》》Previous review

NS17The Machinery Exhibition of Yiwu Fair showcased advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, and the exhibition area of ​​fasteners and springs reached2Million square meters.Attracted the United States, South Korea, Germany, Ukraine, Mexico, India, Taiwan, etc.208Visiting procurement teams from various countries and regions have signed trade agreements.Industry associations in various provinces, cities and other places in China18A visiting purchasing team, according to statistics, the trade volume of this exhibition reached7.63Billion yuan, and its foreign trade turnover reached3.56100 million yuan. The industrial chain of the professional exhibition area on the exhibition site is linked, and the interactive effect is significant. Regardless of the scale of the exhibition, the degree of regional cooperation, the on-site business atmosphere and the audience popularity, it has gradually become a professional exhibition in the industry, with various indicators such as the scale of the exhibition, the degree of outward orientation, and the transaction volume are among the best. , Has become an international professional exhibition with a high degree of outward orientation in the domestic machinery industry.Attracted the world500Strong company, China500Strong, Chinese listed companies and national well-known brands and famous brand enterprises are even more numerous.

◆》》》Grand Exhibition

Exhibition area: 150,000 square metersInternational standard booths: 7000

There were 150,195 buyers, including 21,050 overseas businessmen and 121,450 domestic businessmen. Among them, Asia is 64%, Europe is 15%, Africa is 11%, South America is 6%, North America is 2%, and Oceania is 2%. There are 28 foreign procurement teams and 61 government inspection teams from across the country.

◆》》》Exhibitor advantages

governmentsupport——Be included in the strong key support of Zhejiang Provincial Government, Zhejiang Provincial GovernmentJoin hands with governments across the country to organize buyer groups,The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce implements exhibitions with booth fee subsidies for exhibitors in Zhejiang. The key support exhibition projects recognized by the Yiwu Municipal People’s Government, especially the cash subsidy support in the conference advertisement;Country at that timeandProvince,cityGovernment leaders,Industry expertswillCome hereVisit guide

Grand scale——It is estimated that the total area of ​​the exhibition will exceed 15,000 square meters, with 7,000 international standard booths and 20,000 audiences.30,000 overseas audiences,More than 80 overseas trade teams and more than 15 multinational retail groups participated in the conference.

Merchanthuge——CurrentlyYiwu has a daily passenger flow of 200,000 people, more than 20,000 permanent foreign businessmen, more than 2,650 overseas business organizations in Yiwu, and more than 300,000 foreign businessmen each year, forming a huge group of buyers.willFrom208 countriesMerchants and buyers gathered at the scene to contact and share the international market.

Docking the Canton Fair——Yi FairMachinery ExhibitionThe exhibition period is in the changing period of the Canton Fair every autumn, and there are daily trips between Yiwu and Guangzhou.15This flight is convenient for Chinese and foreign businessmen to travel between Yiwu and Guangzhou.To use the Canton Fair platform to fully publicize and promoteMachinery exhibition, special by the organizing committeeOrganized a foreign language group of more than 20 peopleProfessionalThe propaganda team, carrying propaganda materials, went to the Canton Fair site for investment promotion,Attract more buyers to purchase.

DockingActivity–Collect supply and demand information in advance, set up a negotiation area (room) at the exhibition site, conduct one-to-one trade negotiations and docking, conduct purchase activities for large buyers and sign contracts for large orders, etc.;

Promotion activities——Organize project promotion, brand promotion, new product promotion, carnival and other activities for buyers and professional audiences.

◆》》》Media cooperation (in no particular order)

With well-known domestic professional network media, “Control Engineering”, “General Machinery”, “Machinery Manufacturing”, “Mechanical Engineer”, Chinese Screw Net 66 Screw NetEase Fastener Net China Fastener Net Fastener Yingcai Net China Fastener Trade Net China Standard Parts Net Golden Spider Fastener Net International Fastener Trade Net Standard Fastener Net Global Hardware Net 66 Hardware Fitting Net Wenzhou Fastener Net Fastener Online Everyday Screw Net China Spring Net Three Minutes Spring Network Global Spring Network Spring Information Network China Power Transmission Control Network China Gongkong, China Gongkong, China Automation Network, Automation Network, China Automation Network, International Gongkong, etc., more than 80 networks and media conduct all-round publicity reports.

◆》》》Scope of Exhibitors

All kinds of fasteners, accessories and connection products:Nuts, bolts, screws, pins, rivets, studs, nails, tooth bars, washers, riveting systems, special-shaped fasteners, high-strength fasteners, fastener assemblies and connection sub-parts and related products.

Fastener special manufacturing and processing equipment and accessories:Multi-function cold heading machine, thread rolling machine, thread rolling machine, heading machine, nailing machine, thread rolling machine, nail making machine, hollow nail machine, thread rolling machine, tapping machine, wire drawing equipment, cold extrusion molding machine , Industrial furnaces, molds, high and intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, vibrating plates, marking machine equipment, etc.

Various springs and production and processing equipment:Computer spring making machine, computer compression spring machine, spring machine, spring grinder, wire bending machine, spring testing machine, torsion spring testing machine, automobile suspension spring, valve spring, clutch spring, motorcycle shock absorber spring, oil pump spring, Civil springs, mold springs, hydraulic strut springsWait.

Supporting raw materials for the production of fasteners and springs:Special steel, stainless steel, wire, special cleaning agent, lubricating grease, auxiliary accessories, etc.

Booth fee: (The principle of booth allocation order: “Apply first, pay first, arrange first, and an additional 1,000 yuan for double openings”;)

Standard booth3mX3mIndoor bare ground:

A.Domestic enterprises7200.00/Extension (RMB)A.Domestic enterprises700(RMB)/Square meter

B.Foreign companies2000.00/Extension (USD)B.Foreign companies200(USD)/Square meter

Note:Standard booth9Square meters include (three-sided hoarding, lintel,One table, two chairs, two spotlights, one power socket).

Bare groundleast36Minimum rent of square meters,Bare groundOnly exhibition space is provided, excluding display racks, exhibition equipment, etc.

For more information about the advertisements in the conference catalogue and on-site advertisements at the exhibition, please call or email to obtain

Technical exchange lectures: 8,000 yuan/hour per session:During the exhibition, a number of technical exchange meetings will be organized.All units can register and applyOrganize product promotion meetings and trade fairs, conduct special seminars, technical exchanges and other activities.Please customizeMeetingtheme,Please send the content summary to the organization unit in advance,In order to arrange the exchange venues and facilities as early as possible, and organize the audience according to the profession.

◆》》》Please contact the organizing committee for exhibition matters or registration to obtain the application form and booth map:

landsite:Times Square, Yiwu City, Zhejiang ProvinceAseat30building3003room-31building3103room
post code:322000



Contact:Qian Li

Email: 1962740505@qq.com

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