The 11th Asian International Industrial Automation Exhibition in 2015

July 4-6, 2015 Beijing·China International Exhibition Center (Sanyuanqiao Pavilion)

★Guiding Unit

National Development and Reform Commission

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

National Science and Technology


China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association

China Machinery Industry International Cooperation Consulting Service Center

Beijing Huamaolian Exhibition Co., Ltd.

★Organization Unit

Beijing Huamaolian Exhibition Co., Ltd.

China Machinery Industry International Cooperation Consulting Service Center

Time: July 04-06, 2015

Venue: Beijing·China International Exhibition Center (Sanyuanqiao Hall)


Conference Organizing Committee Address:

1604, North Building, Raycom Creative Center, Bajiao East Street, Shijingshan District, Beijing

Post Code: 100043

Contact: Li Bin 18601148935

Telephone: 010-53552869

Fax: 010-68631368

E-mail: [email protected]

>>>Exhibition Overview

The first exhibition of China North Industrial Automation is known as the most effective procurement platform for the automation industry in China. The 2015 11th Asian International Industrial Automation Exhibition (abbreviated as: AIAE Beijing) is organized by China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association and China Machinery Industry Co-sponsored by the International Cooperation Consulting Service Center and Beijing China Trade Union Exhibition Co., Ltd., it will be held at the Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Sanyuan Bridge Pavilion) from July 4 to July 6, 2015. AIAE is based on industrial production and process energy as a platform, using comprehensive mechanical transmission technology, electrical machine technology, microelectronics technology, computer technology, machine vision technology, process control technology, etc. to build an efficient automated production system to improve the management and safety of industrial production It can realize the intelligent, digital and information production environment.

During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, vigorously promoting the automation industry is an urgent need for my country’s industrial transformation and upgrading and the development of strategic emerging industries. , Academic groups, investment and financing institutions build an international exchange and cooperation platform. At the same time, there will be nearly 450 companies from 32 countries and regions around the world participating in the exhibition, as well as machinery manufacturing, electric power and electrician, automobile manufacturing, IT and electronics, aerospace, food and beverage, rail transit, chemical industry, new energy, light industry machinery More than 61,037 professional visitors from other industries visited, and several academic conferences, technical exchange meetings, new product launches and technical forums were held at the same time as the exhibition.

>>>Last review

The 10th China International Industrial Automation Exhibition (AIAE) in 2014 was successfully held from June 12th to 14th in Beijing·China International Exhibition Center (Sanyuanqiao Pavilion). After 10 years of continuous development and many years of successfully holding the largest and most professional exhibition known by the industry as “Northern China”. The exhibition site attracted 450 companies from 32 countries including Germany, Japan, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The exhibition area reached 32,000 square meters and the number of visitors reached 61,037 during the same period. Professional technical forum, 100 professional visiting groups, professional audience up to 95%, is the largest and best industry event ever.

>>>Visitors Organization

1. The organizer prints and distributes relevant documents and copies them to relevant departments of the provincial government, to various cities, and machinery manufacturers, food, energy and power, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, IT and electronics industries and other enterprises, and invites the leaders of the organization at that time, Technical personnel and purchasing personnel came to visit and purchase.

2. All-round publicity and promotion of the exhibition in more than 300 media including domestic and foreign mass media, professional magazines, and portal websites;

3. Jointly promote with relevant national associations and societies, and distribute 500,000 exhibition reports and invitations to the country and overseas;

4. Fully cooperate with foreign institutions and embassies in China to organize overseas purchasers to visit the conference; promote them at large-scale academic conferences and trade fairs at home and abroad;

5. Establish a database of “professional audience buyer organizations”, strengthen visits and liaison, and continuously expand effective, high-quality, professional audience organization; China International Trade Union Exhibition Buyer Promotion Department implements tailor-made “one-to-one” services to understand each Exhibitors tailor their needs, determine the target of professional visitors, find buyers for each exhibitor in a timely manner, so that buyers and exhibitors can meet the needs of participating in the exhibition, and strive for practical results to satisfy you.

6. Other related institutions: newspapers, magazines, television, websites, foreign embassies and consulates in China, and commercial organizations, etc.


Registration and exhibition: July 2-3, 2015 (9:00-17:00) Opening time: July 4, 2015 (9:30)

Exhibition time: July 4-6, 2015 (9:00-17:00) Closing time: July 6, 2015 (16:00)

>>>Exhibition scope

1. Production automation: mechanical and factory engineering, packaging equipment, collection and placement, accessories and processing systems, motion control, robotics and automation solutions, linear technology vision, compressed air and pneumatic systems, pumps and accessories, vibration measurement systems, signals Equipment, production logistics and materials, mobile robots and autonomous systems, drive technology, processing technology, power transmission, industrial automation data acquisition and identification systems, etc.

2. Electrical system: Servo motors, motors and inverters, electrical switchgear and equipment for electrical control, transmissions, mechanical drive systems, electrical and optoelectronic components, transformers, batteries and uninterruptible power supplies, electrical testing and testing equipment, wires and Cable accessories.

3. Robotics: industrial robots, robot simulation and vision systems, service robots, related machines, devices and parts

4. Industrial automation information technology and software: factory integrated management software, factory production software, industrial IT software, industrial basic systems and development tools, industrial Internet/factory LAN, factory external LAN solutions, services

5. Automation technology and new trends: industrial communication, sensors, safety product protection, control systems, inter-process communication, wireless automation, sensor technology/instrumentation (measurement and control), safety technology, industrial software, programmable logic controllers ( PLC), connection/interface technology, bus, etc.

6. Process and energy automation: automation and energy solutions, instrumentation (measurement and control), engineering/maintenance/service, process automation solutions, connection and interface technology, etc.

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