Talking about the Development of Cam Automatic Lathe

Since the structure of the cam-type automatic lathe is relatively compact, the distance between the spindle and the tailstock is relatively small, and it can only process parts with a length of about 70. In order to further improve the processing functions, automatic lathe manufacturers are constantly updating their designs. Some automatic lathes have been improved in many ways. The tailstock is designed as a rear-moving tailstock. When long parts are required to be processed, the tailstock can be moved back. This type of automatic lathe can process a length of 120mm In addition, the tailstock has been specially modified. On the same automatic lathe, a special tailstock can be replaced, and the length of the longest machined part can be extended to 200mm. This greatly increases the processing range of the cutting automatic lathe.

Oil chips splashing everywhere during the machining process are also a problem that cannot be ignored. Therefore, a machine tool company added an oil cover as shown in the picture on the original automatic lathe to keep the workshop clean and there is no need to move the oil cover during machine adjustment and maintenance. While blocking oil chips, it will not affect debugging and other operations. This automatic lathe has the advantages of adding a protective cover: a fully enclosed transparent design, no oil splash, and more economical. On the other hand, the noise is greatly reduced and it is more environmentally friendly.

Although the cam automatic lathe has the unique performance of stable processing accuracy and fast processing speed, in the development trend of CNC lathes constantly replacing ordinary lathes, it must have its limitations, that is, it is inconvenient to debug and requires professional operators. The limitation of cam lathes is where it needs to be improved and developed. If CNC technology and cam technology can be combined into one, the development space of automatic lathes will be more powerful. This is also where automatic lathe manufacturers need to constantly think and innovate.

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