Superfine grinder for green

According to the analysis of relevant agencies. By 2015. The sales scale of my country’s pulverizers will reach 900 billion yuan.The average annual growth rate is 17%, of which exports are around US$26 billion

right. In 2015, the sales revenue and export value of the whole industry more than doubled compared with 2010. But this growth target is being challenged. Industry analysts believe that.Cash flow

To a certain extent, the marginal improvement of mobility is beneficial to alleviating the capital tightness of projects under construction and downstream customers. The boom of the shredder is expected to bottom out in the fourth quarter.

However, the industry’s growth rate is difficult to reproduce the glory of rapid growth in the past decade. Research institutions forecast. The first two years of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” country’s food crusher exports will be based on 2010

The number maintains a restorative growth, and will show rapid growth in the next three years. By 2015. The international market’s demand for the main products of food shredders will reach more than 200 billion US dollars.

The export of Henan food crusher products will reach more than US$26 billion. Become a big export country in the world.

Superfine pulverizer is the main application field of pulverization automation technology.With the introduction and expansion of domestic demand, the 4 trillion investment

Capital to promote the crusher. The domestic pulverizer is stimulated by the positive. The industry structure of cement rotary kiln manufacturers is constantly adjusted. The machinery industry is moving towards a healthy path.cross

More and more machinery manufacturers are focusing on the two key words “health” and “hygiene”. The road to the food crusher industry.This development trend profoundly affects

The top industry-to crush the development of the automation industry. With the rapid economic growth. The living standards of Chinese residents have improved significantly. Consumption upgrade has become an inevitable trend.

The development trend of the industry continues to promote the innovative application of “health” and “hygiene” technologies in the field of crushing automation.Information revolution represented by the Internet of Things

technology. The machinery industry is moving towards a healthy path.So that people can realize the “ubiquitous perception” of the entire industrial process at a lower investment and use cost. Machinery industry trend

Healthy path. To achieve the goal of improving product quality and saving energy and reducing consumption.

Shattered opportunities ushered in a resurgence. but. It is difficult to reproduce the brilliance of rapid growth over the past decade. And as the growth rate slowed down.Overcapacity will bring viciousness to the entire industry

The crisis of competition. With the development of the Internet of Things. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) technology will be more widely used in China.The machinery industry moves towards a healthy path

.As the core part of Chinese medicine pulverizer. The PLC controls the mechanical production process by operating the electronic system through digital operations. It is the development direction of the crushing field in the future.

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