Successful application of frequency converter in water supply industry


Traditional fans and water pumps rely on regulating valves to control the flow rate of traditional fans and pumps. In fact, this regulating method is extremely inconvenient to operate and cannot guarantee a constant water supply pressure, resulting in poor energy-saving effects. Nowadays, most factories and enterprises have realized that frequency converters have indeed reduced energy consumption and saved costs, especially the energy-saving effect on high-power fans and water pumps.This article describes thePI500Application case of series inverter in a water plant.

two,Unit parameter situation

The project was put into use in this phase, a total of4tower280kWWater pump unit, the unit is a single-unit double-suction centrifugal water pump, modelYSP955L3-6,flow:1000m³/Hour, head50Meter, speed990,power:280kW/6pole.

three,way to control

DCSDistribution system+HMI+Pu Chuan TechnologyPI500Series inverter+PIDcontrol+Pressure Sensor. It can be set to start, stop, adjust the operating frequency and monitor the current, speed, voltage, pressure, operating time and fault alarm of the motor through the field and the panel and the touch screen.The signal is transmitted toPIDController, according to the difference between the set value and the feedback signalPIDAfter calculation, give the inverter a4~20mAThe signal, thus ensuring a constant water pressure output.


1)usePI500The energy-saving transformation of the series inverters on the water pump has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient transformation, obvious energy-saving effect, and short payback period of investment.

2)After using the frequency converter, the water pump can soft start and stop, reduce the mechanical impact of the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment, and reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment.

3)Due to the decrease of the average speed of the water pump and the decrease of the average torque during the working process, the wear of the blades and impellers is also greatly reduced. Maintenance costs, labor, and production shutdown losses are greatly reduced.

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