Structural features and working principles of flanged triple eccentric multi-level hard sealing butterfly valve

1. Flange triple-eccentric multi-layer hard-sealed butterfly valve series, with certain self-cleaning ability, can show many advantages when used in sewage pipes such as steel mills and municipal pipelines, without maintenance, and has good sealing performance and is easy to operate .

2. Flange triple-eccentric multi-level hard-sealed butterfly valve products can be applied to industrial pipelines such as petrochemical, food, medicine, textile, papermaking, electric power, sewage treatment, water supply and drainage, and smelting. It can be used as an opening and closing mechanism to control the flow of the medium on a variety of gas, liquid, semi-fluid and micro-particle powder transportation pipelines or containers. The flanged triple eccentric multi-level hard-sealed butterfly valve can be installed in any position.

Structural features and principle of action

1. The biggest difference between the flanged triple eccentric multi-level hard seal butterfly valve and other butterfly valves is that it adopts a triple eccentric design structure. The installation center of the butterfly plate and the rotation center are designed with a strict eccentricity. When the valve is opened at 10°C or even fully opened, the seat sealing surface of the butterfly valve and the butterfly plate are in a non-contact state, and when closed, the butterfly plate rotates with the valve stem and deflects into the seat sealing surface to make it airtight. Therefore, the service life of the valve is prolonged due to less and no wear in the opening and closing process.

2. The valve seat of the butterfly valve is assembled into a seal with an embedded O-shaped rubber ring or fluoroplastic as a gasket. Therefore, it has the function of self-compensation for temperature difference and wear, etc., to ensure the tightness of the butterfly valve.

3. When the fluid pressure of the butterfly valve pipeline is introduced into the valve seat sealing groove, due to the principle of Posson’s component force action, the combined force generated by the sealing member and the O-ring expansion force when the pipeline pressure acts, the valve seat sealing surface Squeeze towards the butterfly plate to seal the valve. This unique sealing structure can produce greater sealing force with the increase of pipeline pressure.

4. The seat of this butterfly valve can be fine-tuned. After the valve has been used for a certain number of years, when the sealing ring wears out and leaks, the sealing pressure ring can be fine-tuned to the required size in the direction of the butterfly plate by the adjusting screw without disassembling the valve, and it can be compensated and has The new valve has the same sealing performance.

5. In addition to manual devices, the flange triple-eccentric multi-level hard-sealed butterfly valve series can also be equipped with pneumatic devices or electric devices to form manual butterfly valves, pneumatic butterfly valves (with feedback signals and an electric-pneumatic valve positioner can be attached) and electric butterfly valves, etc. Six series of products in three categories.

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