Steps to upgrade the internal operating system of the slitter

Improvement of system control QF-500 double-layer small-roll bill slitting machine is the product of the same type of slitting machines abroad, but this model has certain disadvantages in the active compliance of operating systems, which are mainly expressed as : The benchmarking is unstable, the obliteration is large, the benchmarking operation is cumbersome, the accuracy is poor, and it is difficult to satisfy the user’s technical requirements for high-end products. Single-layer products have no choice but to apply color code counting. The low-speed time of some products is easier to trip than the permanent inverter, and it can be eliminated after power-off and restart. During operation, if the start button is pressed by mistake again, the tension gain will disappear enthusiastically. The exhaust fan cannot start on its own. I don’t know if your equipment can have the above problems. If so, you only need to upgrade the original operating system development software to rectify it. (There is no need to change the original equipment route, it can be rectified in a few hours) After the software is upgraded, the following obedience can be achieved.

Move up. 8: Pay attention to benchmarking matters: All benchmarking parameters are generated after the deceleration value and low speed value are determined. During the development of the deformed production process of the product, there is no wanton change. If you allow small changes to the development of your equipment, It is possible to choose the low-speed lock-in compliance, how to prevent the low-speed value tampering triggered by the wanton operation, so as to ensure the accuracy of the count value. This compliance is quite necessary in the production of blank rolls that require accurate measurement of length. Of course, the equipment is used in QF500S to actively control the upgraded products of the system, which adopts the man-machine interface control of the children,

1: The alignment operation is easy, the photoelectric sensor will actively position the color standard, no longer need to pay to move. 2: It is possible to apply a counter to realize the alignment of the color mark at one time. 3: After stopping, use a ruler to measure the isolation distance of the upper and lower color marks. 3: Use the printing counter P1 to obey the set back mark isolation distance. When setting, the theoretical isolation distance value × 2 (unit: mm) shall be used. 4: According to the setting, the color The bids will be actively aligned according to the set value (Note: the benchmarking switch should be in the off position, which is the left end) 5: Press the benchmarking button again, the equipment will actively withdraw the bids according to the development of the memory data, and the bid withdrawal will be completed.

The following obedience can be easily achieved. 1: Active rate analysis and compliance, to achieve active setting of deceleration value. 2: Can flash cumulative output, shift output, the rate at that time, the number and length of each roll of the product at the same time, 3: the faults are actively flashed and obey, and the development style of the equipment electrical faults can be developed for this type of equipment.

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