Stainless steel activated carbon micro-oil mist filter

4 Domestic brand filter elements are produced by our company instead of original brand filter elements. The filter materials are imported from Germany HV company products, and the registered trademark is “Jiajie” brand. The other brands involved in the company have no brand significance, and are only used as a reference for product models and comparisons between customer selections. Imported filter elements and filters are imported with original packaging and have anti-counterfeiting signs. Our company has long-term OEM production of various styles of compressed air precision filter elements for major domestic enterprises. Welcome to inquire!
The structure of the stainless steel oil-water separation filter is composed of the main components such as the filter cylinder body, the filter cylinder cover, the quick opening mechanism, and the stainless steel bag reinforcement net. It is an instrument that separates oil and water. In mechanism, it is mainly divided into oil dewatering separator and water deoiling separator; in terms of use, it is mainly divided into industrial oil-water separators, commercial oil-water separators and household oil-water separators. ; From the separation principle, there are membrane filtration oil-water separators, oil-water separators using lipophilic materials, and non-powered oil-water separators with different specific gravities. The bag-type oil-water separator is mainly used in the petrochemical industry, automobile industry, and sewage treatment industry. Wait. Professional technology, superb staff, and advanced processing equipment create the Shanghai Luda filter brand to serve the environmental protection industry.
Introduction to stainless steel main pipe filter stainless steel oil-water separation filter:
The stainless steel oil-water separation filter is a pressure filter device. The original liquid flows into the filter bag in the device through the feed port, pressurized, the qualified product penetrates the filter bag, is discharged from the discharge port, enters the next process, and the impurity particles are captured by the filter bag. The whole process is simple and convenient to replace the filter bag, and there is basically no material consumption.
Stainless steel oil-water separation filter:
1. Large handling capacity, small volume and large dirt holding capacity.
2. Based on the working principle and structure of the bag filter system, it is convenient and quick to replace the filter bag, and the filter is free of cleaning, saving labor and time.
3. The leak detection rate of the filter bag is small, and the filter quality is powerful.
4. The bag filter can bear greater working pressure, with small pressure loss and low operating cost.
5. The filtration accuracy of the filter bag has been continuously improved, and it has reached 0.5um at present.
6. The bag filter has a wide range of applications, all kinds of solid and liquid filtration, flexible use, and diverse installation methods.
Technical parameter table of stainless steel oil-water separation filter:
Specification model
Filter area (m2)
Large flow rate (m3/h)
Working pressure Mpa
Volume (L)
Import and export connection method
Filter bag size (mm)
Filter bag material: special filter bag; oil filter bag, oil suction bag, activated carbon filter bag
Note: The material of the filter bag should be selected according to the different filtration temperature when selecting the model.
Applicable materials: paint, beer, vegetable oil, medicine, cosmetics, chemicals, petroleum products, textile chemicals, photosensitive chemicals, electroplating liquid, milk, mineral water, hot solvent, latex, industrial water, sugar water, resin, ink, Industrial wastewater, fruit juice, edible oil, wax, etc.
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