Soundproof room soundproof room design principle

1:The design principle of soundproof room:
It is to build a house in a house, establish an entity relatively independent of the external rigid structure, and minimize the rigid structure (to avoid the generation of sound bridges).
First of all, the material selection of the soundproof room objectively requires high density and high quality (maximum damping of sound energy), and at the same time, different materials are selected to a certain extent, different materials have different sound insulation effects on sound waves of different frequency bands;

Secondly, when building materials of the same material are selected, the same thickness should be avoided in order to effectively avoid resonance at the same frequency;
Once again, the interior surface and interior design should do proper sound absorption treatment (to minimize the formation of reverberation caused by the reflection of the sound wave from the noise source on the hard surface due to the superposition of the original sound wave);
Finally, complete the supporting facilities of the soundproof room (such as: doors and windows/Ventilation system/Piping of equipment in and out of the room/Flexible handling of audio equipment, etc.).
Remarks for various machinery and equipment/pipeline/The principle of sound insulation and noise reduction such as sound insulation cover is similar to it

2: At the same time it is necessary to point out:
The use of professional sound insulation materials will achieve better results, but the investment cost is higher(At the same time, the possibility of buying fake materials cannot be ruled out). This also mainly depends on the owner’s own economic affordability and the sound insulation effect to be achieved. If the sound insulation requirements are not too high, professionals should guide the selection of small design materials, strictly control the quality and pay attention to the construction details to achieve the best cost-effective sound insulation and noise reduction. Effect.
〉If you are a strong industrial and mining enterprise/Entertainment industry boss/For other individuals, please choose the special sound insulation materials combined with professional design to achieve perfect results.
〉If you are temporarily embarrassed but sound insulation and noise reduction are imperative, please follow the professional sound insulation design technical guidance and strictly select materials for design and construction to achieve the best cost-effective effect.
〉If you are an installation or decoration company in your actual work, you are forced to give up profitable opportunities because of the owner’s sound insulation requirements. Then you should seek professional sound insulation design solutions to create a win-win situation. For you, it is a one-time investment once and for all.
〉If you are decorating your own home or using the soundproofing of your own equipment, and you are worried that the amount is too small and no one cares about it, please contact me directly to advise you.

3:I earn real profits from selling sound insulation materials. What we do not sell materials depends on technology. What we save is energy and what you save is economy.
A general design plan and appropriate selection of materials can replace high costs to a certain extent
Sound insulation material.
If you are in any of the above situations, please contact me, I believe that many years of design and construction experience will give you the most satisfactory answer

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